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Article: YOKKAO Kids Shine in Turin

YOKKAO Kids Shine in Turin

YOKKAO Kids Shine in Turin

Over the weekend on 16 December, a double-bill showcase featuring YOKKAO Next Generation and YOKKAO Kids took place at Thai Boxe Torino in Turin Italy.

Organized in partnership with Carlo Barbuto, a stacked card of up-and-coming fighters as well as some very young athletes took to the ring. Teams and supporters showed up to rally behind their fighters who were pitted against each other in an exciting display of Muay Thai skills.

For many in attendance, the highlight of the show was the young competitors of the YOKKAO Kids segment. Some of them were as young as 8 years old. These promising junior fighters put on one intense match up after another, leaving the crowd in awe and the parents proud.

This is just a preview of what to come as YOKKAO Kids will return for a bigger show on 27 January 2019 set to take place at the 5000-seat PalaRuffini arena in Turin. The massive event will host fighters from Italy and countries around the region, as well as junior Thai fighters who train out of YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok.

YOKKAO 35 - 36 will take place a day earlier on 26 January in the same venue as YOKKAO Kids. The star-studded double event is headlined by Muay Thai stars Saenchai, Singdam and Manchai. The 3 YOKKAO fighters will return to the arena the next day as special guests and present prizes to the best-performing kids. It a dream come true for the young ones and a step-up towards the takeover as the future stars of the sport.

Registration for YOKKAO Kids Turin on 27 January 2019 is now open. Visit www.asia.yokkao.com/events/yokkao-kids-italy-turin-2019/ for details.

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