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Article: YOKKAO Launches Fighter Management Agency

YOKKAO Launches Fighter Management Agency

YOKKAO Launches Fighter Management Agency

YOKKAO is more than a gear manufacturing brand. Since our company started in 2010, we have organized many acclaimed events and seminars on an international scale. It has also been our mission to drive the Muay Thai sport and build a team of world-class fighters for the new generation. With that, we are ready and proud to introduce our latest initiative: YOKKAO Agency.

YOKKAO Agency is a fighter management agency that aims to provide top opportunities and help fighters achieve maximum potential at every stage of their career. Our extensive experience and 360-operation in the combat sport industry enable us to offer support and advice where it is needed most.

Fighters who are signed with YOKKAO Agency will be presented with benefits such as guaranteed fights every year, gear sponsorship, exposure on social media, training opportunities at the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok and even access to compete for the coveted WBC Muay Thai championship titles.

With an increasing number of YOKKAO events every year around the world, fighters signed with our agency will have access to compete both locally and abroad. As our company continues to grow, so will the opportunities be for our signed athletes.

The search is on. Stay tuned as we will announce the newest members to YOKKAO Agency shortly.

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