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Article: YOKKAO Launches Official Streetwear Collection

YOKKAO Launches Official Streetwear Collection

Streetwear fans are in for a treat because YOKKAO has just launched its first official streetwear collection.

The streetwear collection marks the culmination of the partnership between YOKKAO’s creative teams from Italy and Thailand. YOKKAO designers have taken elements from the traditional Thai culture of Thailand and Muay Thai and injected them with a dose of modern fashion elements direct from the streets of Milan, making this a fresh streetwear collection like nothing before.

The new streetwear line features a complete range of streetwear essentials including cotton tees, sweat pants, tracksuits, caps and other accessories. Look out for refreshing designs from basics to unique graphics inspired by a wild range of both Eastern and Western cultures.

Besides creating fresh graphics, the product design team also focused on delivering streetwear with high quality. We have opted to use premium fabrics and materials to achieve optimal durability and comfort.

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