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Article: YOKKAO Launches Online Muay Thai Outlet!

YOKKAO Launches Online Muay Thai Outlet!

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Here’s a piece for great news for all bargain hunters: YOKKAO has launched the Muay Thai Outlet, a brand new section on the website with selected gear going at up to 40% off the retail price!

With the launch of the online outlet store, fans now have access to many of the high quality YOKKAO products at truly the most competitive prices anywhere. The online outlet offers products that are selected and updated on a weekly basis. This means that deals on products may only be available for a limited period. The discounted products are not defective or lower grade stock, but the very best items on offer at irresistible prices.

YOKKAO has come a long way as a Muay Thai brand since its inception in 2010. Originally a Muay Thai shorts and equipment manufacturing company, YOKKAO has since left a footprint in almost every Muay Thai-related project imaginable.

Even as the company expanded beyond its retail business into the sphere of fight promotions, Muay Thai training and holding seminars around the world, YOKKAO remains most committed to developing cutting edge products to cater to the global community. Product research and development remains at the core of the brand’s mission statement.

This year, YOKKAO came out with the CarbonFit shorts and a series of complete collections featuring matching Muay Thai training gear. Both campaigns generated a lot of rave reviews and the demand for these products show no sign of letting up. Subscribe to our newsletter for the latest spill on deals by sending us your e-mail at news@yokkao.com

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