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Article: YOKKAO Launches Road to YOKKAO: A Path for Fighters

YOKKAO Launches Road to YOKKAO: A Path for Fighters

YOKKAO is excited to announce Road to YOKKAO: A Path for Fighters. More than just an event, the events will serve as a journey for fighters that dare to take their path to greatness. YOKKAO is ready and willing to help them along and provide them with that path. Along the way, they will go through a process where they will discover themselves, not just as fighters and warriors, but also as individuals who are ready to take on greater challenges.

Road to YOKKAO is the perfect chance for aspiring and up-and-coming fighters who want to get to the next level. YOKKAO would like to give them a chance to kickstart their careers in the most exciting way possible. Giving the fighters an exclusive path that will help them realize their dreams and reach their goals.

At YOKKAO, we understand the difficulties that fighters have to go through. We are familiar with the challenges they need to overcome just to be successful and be the kind of fighters they want to be. The solution that we have come up with is known as Road to YOKKAO.

Road to YOKKAO will serve as the venue where the fighters that will participate in YOKKAO’s official events are going to be selected. And from the official events, YOKKAO will select the fighters that will receive sponsorship contracts.

The fighters who are selected will be able to train in Thailand at the YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok alongside some of the best fighters in the world like Saenchai and Superlek. An opportunity of a lifetime for any Nak Muay. Sponsored fighters will also be given the chance to fight at the YOKKAO Jitmuangnon Stadium in Bangkok. The stadium features two events every week and offers tremendous exposure to the fighters.

The Road to YOKKAO will not be limited to Thailand, but will also include Italy, the UK, and Australia. More info to be released soon and for updates, follow us on social media and you can also check our website.

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