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Article: YOKKAO Launches UK and Italian Web Store!

YOKKAO Launches UK and Italian Web Store!

YOKKAO Launches UK and Italian Web Store!

In conjunction with the launch of the official European warehouse in Republic of San Marino, YOKKAO is proud to announce that its UK and Italian web stores have now gone ‘live’. Featuring all-in stock YOKKAO Muay Thai goods, UK and Italian buyers can expect their items purchased from the web store to be shipped directly from the European warehouse. This ensures the best shipping rates as well as the best prices in pounds or Euros free from import taxes, and in the languages for the respective markets.

By doing away with intermediaries, the brand now establishes itself as the most competitive Muay Thai brand in the European region. Shoppers can expect the fastest shipping on a full range of premium Muay Thai products all handmade in Thailand. With the increase in interest for the sport, comes a corresponding demand for the best quality Muay Thai gear and equipment. YOKKAO has succeeded in answering the demand by its dedicated mission of developing and offering not only high quality but also innovative and cutting-edge products. Year after year, the brand continues to outdo itself with trailblazing designs like the CarbonFit shorts and fully-matching collections.

YOKKAO never ceases to surprise and exceed all expectations. First an European warehouse, then a UK and Italian web store. The Muay Thai brand has set its eyes on reaching out to all corners of the world and this is just the beginning of bigger things to come. Shop the latest YOKKAO products to your heart’s delight on the web store today! Europe https://eu.yokkao.com/ UK https://uk.yokkao.com/ Italy https://eu.yokkao.com/it/ Asia https://asia.yokkao.com/ Australia/America https://yokkao.com/

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