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Article: YOKKAO Launches Viral Contest on Instagram

YOKKAO Launches Viral Contest on Instagram

YOKKAO Launches Viral Contest on Instagram

It’s time for everyone to have some fun at Muay Thai training. YOKKAO has launched a contest on Instagram and it’s heating up across social media. In less than 24 hours, the post has already garnered almost 350k views with more than 1500 comments! The enthusiastic response from fans around the world shows once again shown why YOKKAO is the king of the Muay Thai social media-sphere. In many fight sports like Muay Thai or boxing, abs conditioning is an important part of an athlete’s training program. This may be done by dropping medicine balls on the abs, slamming with a kick pad, or just straight up punching and kicking.

For this first-ever YOKKAO Challenge on Instagram, participants are expected to team up in pairs for a hardcore abs conditioning workout. One participant will attempt throw as many body punches as possible to the partner’s abs in 20 seconds and capture it on video. To win the contest, it’s not only about speed but also power, style, and creativity! Before getting overly excited on the challenge, here are some safety tips to consider:

  • Start light and work up the intensity.
  • Breathe out through the mouth or make a grunt on each impact as it helps to tighten the abdominal muscles to better withstand the body shot.
  • Avoid performing the challenge right after a heavy meal.
  • Pregnant ladies should NOT be on the receiving end of the body shots.
The detailed rules of the challenge are real simple and straightforward. They can be found in the Instagram post embedded at the end of this article. The contest ends 10th August and one winner will be picked who stands to win 2 pairs of YOKKAO boxing gloves of his/her choice! Rope in your training partners, tell all your friends and join in the fun with the YOKKAO Challenge and post your video now!

#yokkaochallenge this morning with @adilhussa1n @yokkao ???

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