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Article: YOKKAO Legacy: Liam Harrison Premieres on YouTube

YOKKAO Legacy: Liam Harrison Premieres on YouTube

Liam Harrison needs little to no introduction for Muay Thai and fight fans around the world. The multiple-time world champion has fought against many of the sport’s best including Anuwat Kaewsamrit, Pakorn PKSaenchaiGym, Sagetdao Phetpayathai, Singdam and even living legend, Saenchai. Saenchai himself has commented that Harrison remains the toughest foreign fighter he has fought in his career.

Nicknamed the Hitman, Harrison is best known for his heavy punches, big sweeps and hard low kicks. He brings a ferocious hard-hitting style to the ring and has built a reputation around the world for bringing wars in all his fights.

Harrison is an integral part of YOKKAO shows since his promotional debut in 2014. Over the years, he has made a total of 10 appearances on YOKKAO events. Harrison bagged the YOKKAO World Title -65kg in 2016 after beating Tetsuya Yamato via decision.

In commemoration of his 10th YOKKAO fight this year, we have compiled the highlights from all of his fights on YOKKAO shows that you can now relive on YouTube. Here’s a look back at the 10 fights:

YOKKAO 8: Liam Harrison vs Houcine Bennoui

YOKKAO 8 marks Harrison’s promotional debut for us as well as our first event in the UK. The Hitman came and made a statement with this fight, raining elbows and bringing a total war to the stage. The fight set the precedent and the bar high for all subsequent Bolton events to follow.

YOKKAO 13: Pakorn PKSaenchaiGym vs Liam Harrison - YOKKAO World Title 65kg

Harrison came face-to-face with the former YOKKAO world champion, Pakorn in a 5-round technical clash. The fight is considered by many to be one of Harrison’s most technical elite fights even though he lost over a unanimous decision.

YOKKAO 15: Liam Harrison vs Singdam Kiatmoo9

Anyone, anytime. Harrison went toe-to-toe with another of Muay Thai’s modern greats, Singdam at YOKKAO 15. Harrison kept Singdam on his toes and the two stepped up the game to go the full distance. Despite the loss, Harrison showed immense heart in this fight against the Thai legend.

YOKKAO 17: Liam Harrison vs Tetsuya Yamato - YOKKAO World Title 65kg

Two explosive fighters met in the ring and all hell unleashed in this memorable YOKKAO World Title matchup. Harrison edged over Yamato in this contest for the prestigious YOKKAO world title with a memorable technical performance.

YOKKAO 19: Liam Harrison vs Fabio Pinca

This was a highly-anticipated matchup between two of Europe’s best and most-decorated Muay Thai fighters of all time. Despite the early dominance from Harrison, Pinca turned up the heat to take the later rounds as well as the win.

YOKKAO 24: Liam Harrison vs Rayan Mekki

A memorable performance from Harrison with one of his best comebacks. After a knockdown in the second round, Harrison turned the heat up to finish the fight in round 3 with a TKO using his dynamite hands.

YOKKAO 27: Liam Harrison vs Kevin Burmester

The Hitman strikes showing why he is one of the best low kickers in the game in this viral highlight reel victory. Harrison dismantled Burmester with tree-chopping leg kicks and took home a win for the day with a TKO via referee stoppage.

YOKKAO 36: Liam Harrison vs Ivan Naccari

Harrison met his match facing another KO specialist in Italy’s Ivan Naccari. The two traded blow for blow in 3 rounds of high-octane action with no backing away. Harrison’s experience and power edged out, almost finishing the fight with his signature low kicks in round 3.

YOKKAO 41: Liam Harrison vs Cristian Faustino

Another explosive war that thrilled everyone in attendance. Both fighters unleashed all manner of weapons going for the finish but Harrison’s dominating performance ended the fight in the round 4 after Faustino was deemed unfit to continue.

YOKKAO 48: Liam Harrison vs Khyzer Hayat Nawaz

Harrison marked his 10th appearance on YOKKAO events facing yet another tough opponent, Khyzer “Destroyer” Hayat. The UK legend came in with heavy artillery, looking to finish the fight but suffered a split shin in round two. Harrison changed his game plan and outscored his opponent with careful strikes and solid movement to a well-deserved victory by unanimous decision.

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