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Article: YOKKAO Legacy: Saenchai Now on YouTube

YOKKAO Legacy: Saenchai Now on YouTube

Multi-time Muay Thai world champion in five different weight divisions, two-time fighter of the year, WBC Diamond champion as well as the inaugural YOKKAO Diamond champion. Saenchai PKSaenchaiMuayThaiGym is widely recognized as a Muay Thai living legend and arguably the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time.

Born on July 30 1980, Saenchai started competing in Muay Thai at the age of 8. He won his first Lumpinee title when he was 16 and went on to clinch numerous championship belts and accolades. After more than 3 decades, Saenchai has fought over 300 bouts with close to 300 wins and still competes actively on the international fight scene.

Saenchai is a true icon of Muay Thai and a fighter like no other. His unrivaled fight IQ is backed by an amazing and effective arsenal of Muay Thai moves that makes him the most entertaining fighter to watch in the ring.

In the second of YOKKAO Legacy series, we have compiled highlights from Saenchai’s fights on YOKKAO shows. We put the spotlight on 8 of his YOKKAO appearances:

YOKKAO Extreme: Saenchai vs Fabio Pinca

YOKKAO Extreme was our first-ever official event and still one of the most talked-about Muay Thai and kickboxing events to date. Saenchai faced Fabio Pinca who was the top European Nak Muay of the time in this memorable match-up. There was a weight difference between the two which paid off for Pinca, marking this the first and only loss to a non-Thai fighter under Muay Thai rules.

YOKKAO 5: Saenchai vs Singdam

Before they became teammates in the YOKKAO Fight Team, Singdam was one of Saenchai’s biggest rivals during their days competing in the elite stadium scene. This was the 8th in their 9 meetings and one of their best fights. Saenchai edged out in the end to clinch the win via decision after 5 hard rounds. At the end of their decade-long rivalry, Saenchai went away with 5 wins and Singdam took 4 wins.

YOKKAO 7: Saenchai vs Victor Nagbe

The second of two meetings between Saenchai and Victor Nagbe took place on YOKKAO 7 in Pattaya, Thailand. Nagbe came in with guns blazing, putting the pressure on Saenchai who took it in stride. Despite a hard-fought battle for Nagbe, Saenchai cruised to victory with a unanimous decision.

YOKKAO 14: Saenchai vs Massaro Glunder

YOKKAO 14 marks Saenchai’s first fight for our YOKKAO UK promotion. Holland’s Massaro Glunder braved up for the challenge to face Saenchai in the main event of the show. Glunder’s hard Dutch-style offense was taken apart by Saenchai who dominated the 5-round fight.

YOKKAO 22: Saenchai vs Ognjen Topic

Saenchai headlined our first Hong Kong official event against the challenger, Ognjen Topic from the United States. A number one ranked fighter in the US, Topic gets taken apart over three rounds by Saenchai. Yet another entertaining performance from Saenchai who shows how he is on another level.

YOKKAO 26: Saenchai vs Jonathan Fabian

In his second YOKKAO Hong Kong appearance, Saenchai put on a Muay Thai clinic against Spanish champion Jonathan Fabian. The living legend showcased all his signature moves against the less experienced opponent.

YOKKAO 36: Saenchai vs Cristian Faustino

We brought our official event back to Italy in 2019 for one of our biggest shows in recent years. YOKKAO 35-36 was held at the 5000-seat PalaRuffini arena with a sold-out crowd. Stepping up to meet Saenchai in the main event of the evening was Cristian Faustino, one of Italy’s toughest fighters. Despite Faustino’s efforts, Saenchai outscored every round to be awarded an undisputable victory.

YOKKAO 46: Saenchai vs Shan Cangelosi - YOKKAO Diamond Title Welterweight

Saenchai headlined YOKKAO 45-46, taking on one of Italy’s finest, Shan Cangelosi for the inaugural YOKKAO Diamond Championship title. The living legend faced one of his most formidable opponents in recent years against Cangelosi’s unorthodox style. Despite some harrowing moments, Saenchai dominated and outscored with his arsenal of diverse moves to take home the convincing victory. The win further cements his legacy after becoming the first ever YOKKAO Diamond Champion.

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