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Article: YOKKAO Legacy: Singdam Now on YouTube

YOKKAO Legacy: Singdam Now on YouTube

Singdam is widely considered to be one of Muay Thai’s greatest fighters of all time. Over the last two decades, the Black Lion has accomplished many achievements including winning the Lumpinee and Thailand championship titles on multiple occasions. He is also a recipient of the FIghter of the Year award for two consecutive years.

During the height of his career, Singdam fought and won against all of the sport’s biggest names including Saenchai, Nong-O Kaiyanghadao, Lerdsila Chumpairtour, Petchboonchu FA Group, Sagetdao Petpayathai, and many more.

Singdam fought out of the famous Kiatmoo9 camp in Buriram for many years since he was only ten. He joined YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok in 2017, training alongside his former rival, Saenchai. Since he transitioned to the international fighting scene, Singdam has competed around the world in countries like China, Australia, Italy, UK and Ireland. He now holds a fight record of over 300 appearances and close to 300 wins.

For the third YOKKAO Legacy feature, we put together highlights from all eight of Singdam’s fight appearances on YOKKAO shows. Here’s a look at his outstanding performances over the years:

YOKKAO 5: Singdam vs Saenchai

The rivalry between Singdam and Saenchai was one of the most competitive in its time during their years in the elite stadium scene. The pair met for the 8th time on YOKKAO 5 in Pattaya and this was one of their best fights. It was five hard rounds of back-and-forth action with Saenchai edging out in the end with the judges’ score. At the end of their decade-long rivalry, Singdam took 4 wins out of his 9 meetings with Saenchai.

YOKKAO 30: Singdam vs Jack Kennedy

Singdam arrived in Bolton with a leg injury sustained 10 days before the fight. He went against the doctor’s order to pull out as he did not want to disappoint the fans. Singdam was up against UK fan-favorite, Jack Kennedy and the resulting fight was more than the fans could bargain for. After 5 rounds of intense action, the Black Lion proved that experience still counts and took the win via decision.

YOKKAO 33: Singdam vs Mathia Jonsson

Mathias Jonsson came with the intention to make a statement. The Swedish fighter threw every strike hoping to land the knockout but almost succeeded in round one with a jumping knee. Singdam fought back hard, ripping Jonsson’s strategy apart and seized a resounding victory via decision

YOKKAO 35: Singdam vs Jeremy Payet

One of Singdam’s biggest comeback and most memorable fights in recent years. Payet went all-out in round one with a handful of hard knocks that rocked Singdam, and stumbled onto the canvas. Singdam made a spectacular comeback in the second round with a barrage of knees and hard right kicks ending the fight via referee stoppage to clinch a dramatic win.

YOKKAO 39: Singam vs Alexi Petroulias

Many Australian fans had turned up to catch the Muay Thai legend in action and Singdam did not disappoint. The Black Lion took on one of Australia’s most prominent fighters, Alexi Petroulias in this Sydney showdown. Singdam delivered a series of his hard right kicks that left Petroulias’ left ribs stinging red by the end of round 2. Despite throwing a range of spinning moves, Petroulias failed to finish. Singdam went home with yet another unanimous victory.

YOKKAO 42: Singdam vs Craig Coakley - WBC Diamond Championship

With the prestigious WBC Muay Thai Diamond title on the line, the action escalated right off the start. Coakley, a KO specialist, had gone in looking for the finish with the support of the Irish home crowd. Singdam took the fight at his pace, scoring with his signature middle kicks and knees. It went down to the judges’ score after five exciting rounds with Singdam taking home the victory, becoming the third in Muay Thai history to win the WBC Diamond belt

YOKKAO Fight Night: Singdam vs Cristian Faustino

Singdam and Italian fighter, Cristian Faustino went toe-to-toe in a five-round thriller. The Thai legend put on a Muay Thai clinic against his opponent, outscoring with strong middle kicks and a few elbows thrown in that left Faustino bleeding. An applaudable performance from the Italian who went the distance but Singdam showed once again why he’s a legend of the sport.

YOKKAO 45: Singdam vs Christian Zahe

In his most recent fight, Singdam took on another Italian fighter, Christian Zahe in the co-main event in Italy. Singdam’s flying head kick sent Zahe out cold right on the bell at the end of round two but the Italian managed to get back on his feet. Zahe came back and went the distance against the Thai legend. Despite a commendable effort from the Italian, Singdam showed his dominance and took the win via a unanimous decision.

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