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Article: YOKKAO Next Generation: Amy Pirnie Signs with YOKKAO!

YOKKAO Next Generation: Amy Pirnie Signs with YOKKAO!

YOKKAO Next Generation

The YOKKAO Events in England and Argentina marked the beginning of the YOKKAO Next Generation project, now it continues by marking the first major success with YOKKAO signing the first fighter in the women's division: Amy Pirnie. Amy Pirnie, age 22, is the first YOKKAO Next Generation female fighter to sign an exclusive managment contract with YOKKAO and YOKKAO UK promoter for all her upcoming fights. With the contract signed only few weeks ago, few days ago Amy was awarded the UK Fighter of the Year voted by the most influential Muay Thai society of the UK. This early success demonstrates the foresight of YOKKAO Next Generation by exposing new talents to YOKKAO promoters for the professional fighting circuit. In respect, YOKKAO UK promoter stated:

"YOKKAO Events have always been a top challenge for fighters worldwide, giving them the biggest and highest deserved exposure in their career. For this reason we developed the YOKKAO Next Generation concept. I can say that both myself and Stefania Picelli, along with the YOKKAO Team and YOKKAO UK distributor Jack Bolam are proud to announce that Amy Pirnie is an early success of the YOKKAO Next Generation Fighters. We are 110% certain that in the not too distant future that Amy will be part of the official YOKKAO Fight Team alongside all of the other best fighter's in the World that we have. Amy has had four, A Class fights this year and has won them all, the latest being last night in which her performance was yet again amazing. Amy is the current UK Number 1 at -50kgs, while she usually has to fight above her weight class just to find opponents, in our opinion she is the best 48-50kgs fighter in Europe. Amy will just go from strength to strength and we are very happy that she has chosen to do this with us.”

Don't YOKKAO 17 and YOKKAO 18, Saturday, March 19th at the Macron Stadium in Bolton (UK).

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