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Article: YOKKAO Next Generation Goes to Southampton UK!

YOKKAO Next Generation Goes to Southampton UK!

YOKKAO Next Generation Goes to Southampton UK!

The popular talent-search for the future stars of Muay Thai is back once again. YOKKAO Next Generation, the global initiative is confirmed to be held on 29th April 2018 in Southampton, UK. While the Next Generation has been an opening act of the YOKKAO UK shows in the past, it will now be a full-fledged lone-standing event. The event will be organized in partnership with UK promoter, Sean Toomey, a former Muay Thai fighter and prominent figure in the UK Muay Thai scene. The event wouldn’t be complete without a headlining act that promises to be nothing short of spectacular.

Fans can expect to be treated to a brilliant display of world-class Muay Thai by YOKKAO’s own young star, Manachai, who will face an as-yet unnamed opponent. There is more to the Next Generation Southampton event as YOKKAO hopes to make it the third official YOKKAO event in UK with a follow-up Next Generation already planned for November. This spells great news as it potentially gives local young fighters who are starting out, a regular platform to showcase their skills as well as the golden opportunity to be part of the prestigious YOKKAO Fight Team. From there, the possibilities are endless. YOKKAO’s success in the UK over the last few years, with sold-out shows and unparalleled product sales, could not have happened without the support of the passionate local Muay Thai fans.

YOKKAO’s success is the result of a community of dedicated Muay Thai fans who have come together for the love of the sport. YOKKAO Next Generation Southampton is simply the brand’s way of showing support for the UK Muay Thai scene. There is no better time to be a Muay Thai fan in UK than right now. Stay tuned and stay connected with YOKKAO via social network for the latest updates.

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