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Article: YOKKAO Next Generation Kids: The Search for Future Stars!

YOKKAO Next Generation Kids: The Search for Future Stars!

YOKKAO Next Generation Kids: The Search for Future Stars!

The YOKKAO NEXT GENERATION global initiative was launched in 2015, designed to discover talent in the new generation of Muay Thai fighters. The event has been on a continual mission to spot and groom young fight talents from around the world. Now, YOKKAO takes the concept one step further by expanding the search to kids from 5 up to 16 years old. Even today, Muay Thai is a sport that remains dominated by the native Thai fighters. A key reason for this phenomenon is that most of them start training at a very young age - often as young as 5 to 6 years old.

Other than a fiercely competitive environment that breeds the best Muay Thai fighters of the world, starting young has given the Thai fighters an edge in developing their game. By the time they turn pro at 15, which is the minimum age for pro fighting in Thailand, they would already have accumulated over 100 fights. With YOKKAO Next Generation Kids, this disparity in experience is demolished. YOKKAO intends to groom children with potential and be a part of their Muay Thai journey until they become the top fighters in the world. There is no other brand outside of Thailand that is as passionate as YOKKAO in helping to shape the future of Muay Thai. YOKKAO promoters have been vocal and active in discovering young talents, putting them on the global stage. One of the most prominent fighter discovered from the Next Generation is none other than the KO Kid, Spencer Brown.

The 20 year-old fighter from Irvine, Scotland was talent-spotted during a YOKKAO Next Generation event 2 years ago. After a series of impressive performances, Spencer was invited to train at the YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok alongside Muay Thai legends like Saenchai and Singdam. The training has proven fruitful so far as he has added a streak of wins to his fight record, including 3 first round KO wins at MX Muay Xtreme in Bangkok. To prepare for this historic milestone, new YOKKAO gear for kids are already in the works including all the popular collections like SICK, Frost, etc. The event looks set to benefit not just the children but also the shops who play their part in contributing to the promotion of Muay Thai. YOKKAO is more than a Muay Thai gear and equipment company. With a roster of the best fighters all around the world, a network of affiliated training centers on every continent, and an increasing number of distributors, YOKKAO is now a most trusted Muay Thai brand operating at a full 360 degrees. Seven Next Generation Kids events have already been scheduled for UK in 2017-2018, with the first official event confirmed to take place this November, 26th at Barnsley Metrodome.

YOKKAO now invites everyone who wishes to propose their kids for the Next Generation shows to write in to info@yokkao.com for more information.

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