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Article: YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Scotland: Fighting For A Cause!

YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Scotland: Fighting For A Cause!

YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Scotland: Fighting For A Cause!

YOKKAO Next Generation Kids has built a world stage for a new generation of junior fighters to showcase their skills, laying the path for a career in Muay Thai. Come the 3rd March at the Grangemouth Leisure Complex in Scotland, the event is bringing two amazing stories that illustrate how junior Muay Thai can also improve lives both in and out of the ring. Two amazing young ladies, Maddie and Darcy will come together at YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Scotland for a local Scottish junior title. The even greater prize involved in the matchup will go beyond the ring as they will both represent beneficiaries for 2 nonprofit social causes respectively.

First up, Maddie fights out of The Griphouse in Glasgow where she trains under YOKKAO regular, Keith McLachlan. The 10 year-old has already accumulated four decision bouts since she started to compete. Maddie is living proof of how Muay Thai helps to overcome adversities as she battles autism along with Tourette’s. Since she started training Muay Thai, the young warrior has gone through a remarkable transformation to the delight of her family and instruction team. For the coming fight, Maddie will be “Fighting for Autism”, an autism awareness and advocacy charitable organization that operates initiatives through martial arts. Maddie’s opponent is Darcy from East Lothian’s Black Diamond Thai Boxing Club.

Also at 10 years of age, Darcy started training under coach Scott Hendry since October 2016. Being the lightest fighter in the gym has not deterred the young fighter’s aspiration to become a future champion and may have even spurred her towards the goal. Darcy’s little sister, Lacy, was born with cerebral palsy so she will be fighting to raise awareness for the condition. She will be wearing a green armband together with the other Black Diamond junior fighters who are competing in the event. The paths of the 2 outstanding young ladies with big hearts of gold cross from totally different backgrounds and brought together by a love of Muay Thai. It is the little things like these that make it all worthwhile for YOKKAO and the event promotions team, seeing how junior Muay Thai can help to improve lives far beyond the squared circle.

The YOKKAO Next Generation Kids events team will be doing collections and a raffle on the event to raise much-needed funds for the 2 respective foundations. Any prize for the raffle would be welcome. Show your support for the junior fighters as well as the inspiring causes at YOKKAO Next Generation Kids Scotland on 3rd March. For tickets and more information, visit https://www.asia.yokkao.com/events/yokkao-next-generation-kids-scotland-2018/.

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