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Article: YOKKAO opens a new 1000sqm factory in Bangkok metropolis!

YOKKAO opens a new 1000sqm factory in Bangkok metropolis!


Made official today on Instgaram: YOKKAO will open this June 2015, a new +1000 sqm factory in Samut Prakan. Below the statement posted on YOKKAO Instagram: "It's a great day, a great day for us, for our fans and those who have been surfing the wave with us since we started this trip: fighters, trainers and promoters. YOKKAO will open a new 1000sqm factory in Samut Prakan area next to Suvarnabhumi airport this June 2015. Visitors will be welcome to visit the factory, shop the latest YOKKAO products and meet us to strategize promoting Muay Thai in their country. As you know YOKKAO is not just a manufacturing brand, but also the only Muay Thai company with a department dedicated to the promotion of Muay Thai.

Buying YOKKAO gear you are not only buying a brand, you are supporting Muay Thai. Love Muay Thai, love YOKKAO!" The factory is set to open around the 15th of June 2015, the site will include YOKKAO offices and an official YOKKAO Shop fully furnished with the complete YOKKAO Collection where customers can browse and buy any current YOKKAO products. The shop will be accessible via a shuttle bus service direct from the airport, a must visit for all Muay Thai lovers. News is not finished yet, the general and operations manager called into the new factory will be Stefania Picelli, who is planning to move to Thailand for her new role in the coming months.

YOKKAO founder Philip Villa states: "It's an honour to have Stefania Picelli in Thailand with us. What she is doing with Muay Thai Combat in Italy, Rep. of San Marino and Europe is incredible, she single handedly created an impressive net of retailers. In addition, her working with our team here in Thailand on a daily basis will surely seal YOKKAO as the most powerful Muay Thai brand in the world." Stefania Picelli states: "I am very honoured to accept this position and to have the possibility of working in Thailand, the motherland of Muay Thai and the land of my family's origins. I will be in charge of completing the new factory along with developing projects, one of them is to create a place of inspiration, of life and work where all Muay Thai practitioners can train, fight and live their wonderful experience in Thailand together with YOKKAO.

I enjoyed a fantastic experience with Muay Thai Combat in the Republic of San Marino and I would like to thank all the people who supported me during those years of work. My organization and well structured staff is now well prepared to continue the work of Muay Thai Combat while respecting the key points that we have built on over the years: expertise, professionalism and passion for Muay Thai. My supervision from abroad will always remain present." More info about the opening of the new YOKKAO Factory releasing soon!

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