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Article: YOKKAO Opens Negotiations with the USA

YOKKAO Opens Negotiations with the USA

YOKKAO Opens Negotiations with the USA

YOKKAO, one of the top names in Muay Thai globally is currently negotiating an expansion of their distribution partners to within the US. This week the professional Muay Thai organization sat to a formal meeting at YOKKAO HQ located in Bangkok, Thailand with a very strong potential partner who may be allowed rights to the YOKKAO brand within the US. A YOKKAO distribution partner(s) in the US will be a very welcome advancement for YOKKAO fans, Muay Thai practitioners, and amateur /professional fighters. Currently, a very high amount of YOKKAO gear and apparel is being purchased and sent to the US for private customers who are covering the additional international shipping rates/associated fees themselves.

Distribution and domestic stock within the continental US will quickly relieve these extra costs, as well as alleviate waiting periods. Always looking ahead, YOKKAO wants to ensure their loyal customers receive only the best and most efficient possible experiences when purchasing equipment and apparel. To further ensure this primary principle, YOKKAO is currently developing the ability for distribution partners to have websites optimized by licensed geographical zones to ensure the maximum amount of localized clients are directed to the appropriate website.

Additional to exclusive distribution rights of YOKKAO hard goods, distribution partners also have options to host workshops, seminars, and even develop YOKKAO professional fight events within their extensive regions. YOKKAO promotions such as YOKKAO Next Generation, and YOKKAO fight series, as well as private workshops and seminars are very popular globally with constantly sold out events in many countries around the world including Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and throughout Europe. Currently the discussions that YOKKAO has participated in are focused on the number of regions the US distribution network will be broken into in order to serve American customers most effectively. No more details are currently available at this time, but stay closely tuned to all YOKKAO social media and more details as they are released.

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