YOKKAO Partners with Muaydee VitheeThai & Jitmuangnon Promotions

After over a decade of acclaimed international events, we are expanding our promotions by returning to the home of Muay Thai. YOKKAO founder, Philip Villa has announced a partnership with well-known promoters, Muaydee VitheeThai and Jitmuangnon for a new weekly show set to be staged at the famous Or Tor Gor Stadium.

Located in Nonthaburi just North of Bangkok city, Or Tor Gor Stadium hosts top-level Muay Thai fights every Sunday faithfully for fans of the sport. Other than resident fighters of champion factory, Jitmuangnon Camp, Or Tor Gor shows are regularly headlined by top-ranking athletes in the country. 

The new weekly show marks the first collaboration between Muaydee VitheeThai and Jitmuangnon promotions. As one of the most prominent names in the Muay Thai industry, YOKKAO has always been active in promoting the sport through international sporting events. The new chapter in the YOKKAO legacy will also open doors for fighters around the world to compete at an elite Muay Thai stadium and prove themselves against the best in Thailand. 

The weekly event will be broadcasted live from the Or Tor Gor Stadium on PPTVHD36 channel every Sunday at 11:45am. Stay connected with us via social media for all the latest updates.

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