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Article: YOKKAO and PK Saenchai Co-Promotion Debuts at Surin!

YOKKAO and PK Saenchai Co-Promotion Debuts at Surin!

YOKKAO and PK Saenchai Co-Promotion Debuts at Surin!

YOKKAO heads to Surin, Thailand for a local fight promotion this Friday 17th November. For the event, YOKKAO will be partnering with none other than the top Lumpinee Stadium promotion, PK Saenchai. The fight card features Muay Thai stars, Manachai and Yodchai from the YOKKAO Fight Team and of course, fighters from the PK Saenchai gym among others. The promotion partnership is a first of its kind for YOKKAO and more are already in the pipeline. YOKKAO’s partnership with PK Saenchai goes back to 2014 when the PK Saenchai gym first opened in Surasak. This was and remains one of the best Muay Thai camps in Thailand, with a stable of elite champion fighters competing at the highest level. Then in 2016, YOKKAO opened the first official YOKKAO Training Center in downtown Bangkok.

Saenchai and Pakorn followed suit with YOKKAO and made the camp at Sukhumvit their new home. Even with the move of its top 2 athletes, PK Saenchai remains an affiliate training center with YOKKAO. The partnership continues where the PK Saenchai fighters are given overseas exposure to fight abroad in the international YOKKAO events. As a top brand name in the Muay Thai industry and international fight scene, YOKKAO has always been active in promoting the sport. Besides sponsoring fighters, YOKKAO often looks to cooperate with camps by promoting the fighters and even answering enquiries from public on the sponsored gyms. These partnerships are not simply one-off sponsorship deals where gear and equipment are given.

YOKKAO often takes the extra step to maintain close ties and help the partners to advance in the world of Muay Thai. Other than PK Saenchai, some of the most notable affiliated camps include the prominent Kiatmoo9 Gym in Buriram, and Pattaya’s famed Sityodtong Gym founded by the late Grandmaster of Muay Thai, Kru Yodtong Senanan. The YOKKAO-PK Saenchai co-promotion ahead at Surin promises to be an exciting show for everyone. It is another testament of the company’s commitment in delivering the best events at the international as well as the local platform. Remember to check back for updates and videos on the event.

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