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Article: YOKKAO Plans 30,000 SQ FT Factory in Bangkok!

YOKKAO Plans 30,000 SQ FT Factory in Bangkok!

YOKKAO Plans 30,000 SQ FT Factory in Bangkok!

Just a little over 3 years since opening its factory back in 2015, YOKKAO has seen unprecedented growth and success. It is becoming one of the most recognized and requested Muay Thai brands in the world today and its popularity continues to grow. At the moment, YOKKAO has international warehouses set up in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Republic of San Marino. The 3 logistics points are set up to directly serve the markets of Asia, Greater China and Europe/UK/Ireland respectively.

A fourth warehouse in the United States is now ready to go into operation in a couple of months for the North American continent. With the increase in global demand for YOKKAO products comes the need for an increase in manpower and production facilities. To accommodate the expanding operations and manufacturing team, YOKKAO has started plans for a 30,000 sq ft factory in the Bangkok metropolis. This is almost 3 times as large as its current factory.

According to the YOKKAO management team, this is just the beginning in the company’s expansion plans. Since day one, YOKKAO has always been at the forefront of trends and innovation. It has also been covered in various top media sites including CNN, Wall Street Journal and Fox Sports. Fans and observers in the industry are now looking forward to the brand’s next project. Although details cannot be disclosed at the moment, YOKKAO is now eyeing a big plot of land for a project that promises to change the landscape of the Muay Thai industry. Development for the new factory is expected to kickstart in 2019. More exciting projects are coming from YOKKAO, so stay connected via social media to get up-to-date on all the latest scoop!

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