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Article: YOKKAO Hosts Private Seminar With Saenchai For Wiz Khalifa

YOKKAO Hosts Private Seminar With Saenchai For Wiz Khalifa

Following a one-day seminar in Rome over the weekend, Saenchai and YOKKAO have made their way across the Atlantic and disembarked on Los Angeles. On 24th April, Saenchai and the YOKKAO Team, showed up at the renowned Unbreakable Performance Center, an exclusive training facility best known for being the gym of choice for celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Demi Lovato, and Joe Jonas. Through prior arrangements, the Muay Thai legend held a private YOKKAO seminar for world-famous American rapper, Wiz Khalifa, along with music producer, Ricky P and a few of their close friends.

Over the course of the seminar, Saenchai imparted many of his game-winning moves from his extensive arsenal. Wiz Khalifa and Ricky P also got to spar with the master himself. The seminar then ended with a joyous photo-taking session. It was a memorable event for everyone involved on the day. There is no debate when it comes to Saenchai’s place as the greatest Muay Thai fighter of this era. The legend’s style is a class of its own with footwork, agility, and unique moves that are unsurpassed in the history of Muay Thai.

YOKKAO Seminars with Saenchai have gained a reputation for being the best in the world and are always exceedingly well-received wherever they go. There has also been a notable increase in the popularity of YOKKAO among famous celebrities, the likes of which is not experienced by any other Muay Thai brand. YOKKAO’s prominence can be credited chiefly to the brand’s innovative designs and unparalleled style. The trendy gear and apparel from YOKKAO has garnered a following among stars who train in Muay Thai and mixed martial arts, and more are taking notice of the brand. Wiz Khalifa himself has been frequently spotted reppin YOKKAO shorts and gloves. After the brief US stop, Saenchai will head north to Canada for a series of YOKKAO Seminars from 28th to 30th of April.

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