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Article: YOKKAO Proudly Presents The Kids Fight Team!

YOKKAO Proudly Presents The Kids Fight Team!

YOKKAO Proudly Presents The Kids Fight Team!

YOKKAO is more than a Muay Thai gear and equipment company. With a squad of the best fighters from all around the world, a network of affiliated training centers on every continent, and an increasing number of distributors, YOKKAO is now a most trusted Muay Thai brand operating at a full 360 degrees in the industry. The brand has always been tireless in promoting the sport of Muay Thai and helping to groom young talents for the international stage. With the YOKKAO Next Generation Kids event coming up on 26th November at the Barnsley Metrodome in UK, the search for the future stars of Muay Thai is well underway.

Since the last announcement of the Kids event made in September, YOKKAO has received tonnes of enquiries and applications. The first three young fighters to join the YOKKAO Kids Fight Team have just been identified: 13 year old Joe Ryan and 14 year old Ellie Barker, both from the UK and also 12 year old Thonsai YOKKAOSaenchaiGym from Thailand. First up, the younger Joe Ryan currently trains and fights out of the 2 Brothers Muay Thai Gym in the town of Birkenhead, UK. Joe holds an impeccable record of 33 back-to-back wins over the last 3 years, remaining undefeated since his debut. He holds a long list of championship titles from the region including the WKA, UKMF and WTKA titles. Most recently, he was awarded a gold medal from the IFMA Youth World Championships held earlier this August in Bangkok.

Ellie Barker embodies all the qualities that YOKKAO looks for in a young fighter. Ellie, who fights out of Hanuman Thai Boxing in Darlington, UK, started training in Muay Thai at the tender age of 7 years old. She had her first fight at 11 for the WKA British Open where she went on to win the competition. Since then, she has gone on to clinch a series of titles in UK, Europe and Thailand. Her record now stands at 48 fights with 40 wins and 8 losses. Last but not least, Thonsai was talent-spotted by YOKKAO and has already started training at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok. He has clocked 30 Muay Thai fights to-date with 20 wins that include 7 KOs.

Unlike other Thai fighters, Thonsai also has experience in Taekwondo winning the Asian Title. Given his mixed martial arts background and an extended range of moves, he stands out among his competition and definitely one to look out for in the years to come. A natural fight career progression is in place for YOKKAO kids who will move up to the Next Generation and if they prove themselves, eventually the official fight team. As members of the YOKKAO kids fight team, the fighters will be sponsored by YOKKAO and have access to training at the prestigious YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok at a special rate.

The center, as showcased on CNN, National Geographic and Wall Street Journal, is home to many of the world’s top Muay Thai fighters such as Pakorn, Singdam, Manachai, and of course living legend, Saenchai. Young stalwarts can expect to train under their watchful guidance and that of world-class trainers Kru Manop and Kru Petchdam. In response to the overwhelming demand for kids fight gear, YOKKAO is happy to announce that the kids collection will be available at www.asia.yokkao.com this coming week. Young fighters can look forward to all the popular collections such as Sick, Frost, Monster and Matrix on the webstore and also at the stall of the YOKKAO Next Generation Kids event on November 26. YOKKAO now invites everyone who wishes to propose their kids for the YOKKAO Kids Fight Team to send in the kid’s record to trainingcenter@yokkao.com

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