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Article: YOKKAO Releases Pad Thai Collection for a Good Cause

YOKKAO Releases Pad Thai Collection for a Good Cause

Giving back has always been at the core of our mission at YOKKAO. Over the years, we have always helped to support gyms and fighters with gear and equipment sponsorships. As a Thai brand we also have a social responsibility that extends beyond the Muay Thai community towards noble causes in Thailand.

In 2017, we released the Chiang Mai boxing gloves that featured an elephant-themed design. The collection sold out shortly following its launch with proceeds from the sales going towards the Save the Elephants Foundation based in Chiang Mai. The donation helped the non-profit foundation in elephant rescue, food and veterinary care.

This month, we launched another new collection with a worthy cause. Named after the iconic Thai noodle dish, the Pad Thai collection consists of boxing gloves, shin guards and matching CarbonFit shorts all styled with an illustrated noodle-themed design. The concept for the collection came as the Yokkao team was brainstorming for ways to support the local community.

Since early 2020, Thailand’s tourism-reliant economy has been ravaged by the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many residents in Bangkok have had to deal with a loss in income during this period of border closure. Small businesses including the many street food stalls that pepper around the Thai capital city are struggling to make ends meet.

As part of our effort to support the local community, we pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the new Pad Thai collection towards food donations. To kick off the campaign, our fighters and staff took to the streets last week to deliver food packets and YOKKAO face masks to over 1000 residents at various locations in Bangkok. We hope to lend our assistance to the underprivileged and bring awareness to Thailand’s street food culture with both the new collection and the food distribution.

Check out the new Pad Thai collection at our online store now.

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