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Article: YOKKAO Seminar Adds Montreal Stop On Canadian Tour!

YOKKAO Seminar Adds Montreal Stop On Canadian Tour!

YOKKAO Seminar Adds Montreal Stop On Canadian Tour!

Come next month, YOKKAO will be making its way to Canada for a series of seminar with the legend, Saenchai. In the last announcement, 2 dates have been confirmed for the 28th and 29th April in Toronto, Ontario. YOKKAO is now pleased to announce the addition of a Montreal stop on 30th April at Sherbatov MMA in Laval city. The YOKKAO Seminar team is fresh off a sold-out tour in Poland and Italy, arriving in packed venues of passionate Muay Thai practitioners each day. As not everyone has the opportunity to travel to Bangkok, the seminars with Saenchai have fulfilled the dreams of many fans around the world of training under the Muay Thai legend. Nothing compares to training right under the guidance of Saenchai himself.

The master technician is an adept in explaining and imparting his diverse range of effective moves that have either knocked out opponents or helped captured many world titles over the years. Not only are his seminars educational, they are also known to be fun as he is known for a unique sense of humour. YOKKAO has received very positive response from the Canadian Muay Thai community on the coming seminar tour since it was announced. Many gyms in the country have sent in their requests to host the seminar and YOKKAO is now work out the schedule with the possibility of adding more dates and venues. Stay connected with YOKKAO via social network for more news on upcoming seminar dates and locations. Saenchai might just stop by your city soon.

For ticketing info, head over to www.asia.yokkao.com/events/seminars right now! Gyms interested in hosting YOKKAO Seminars with Saenchai feel free to contact the YOKKAO Fight Team Bangkok management at trainingcenter@yokkao.com

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