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Article: YOKKAO Seminar in New York: "Don't worry We are Muay Thai!"

YOKKAO Seminar in New York: "Don't worry We are Muay Thai!"


A weekend jammed full for lovers of Muay Thai in New York City, prestigious seminar allowing participants to expand their skills and knowledge of Muay Thai. On Friday 13th, Saturday 14th and Sunday February 15th, 2015 New York held the first seminar by YOKKAO hosted by the living legend of Muay Thai, Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym and Manop Yuangyai.

Originally scheduled at York College Arena, relocated to weather concerns, the location moved to the Striking 101 Gym in New York. "Don't worry, We are Muay Thai!" is what Saenchai told with determination to YOKKAO's mastermind Stefania Picelli while entering Striking 101 Gym, setting the stage for making history in the pages of Muay Thai USA. Saenchai literally shocked participants with 3 hour days of pure non-stop Muay Thai: entertaining, technique and discipline combined with an impeccable organization by Strking 101 owners Jonathan Paul Ruiz, Neo Panayiotu and Striking's crew. Three days that will be hard to forget for fans of Muay Thai. Unfortunately space was limited, forcing participants to be selected to a maximum of 50 students per day with priority given to Striking 101 members and Muay Thai lovers who flew in from Panama, Brazil, Canada and Texas in order not to miss one of the most prestigious seminars ever held in New York City.

The seminar also attracted the attention of all YOKKAO fans with over 250,000 views of videos posted in real time to the profile of YOKKAO Facebook and Instagram. Sensei Joanathan Ruiz, Striking 101 owner states: "I wanted to do a seminar that would make any striker excited and happy. I reached out to Yokkao about having Saenchai and Manop. Thailand's best fighter and trainer....I was very proud of my students for helping make the seminar run smooth while taking care of everyone who showed up....this seminar made an impact in their lives that they will treasure forever."

The success of the three days allowed to sign a further promotion with Striking 101 in New York, but not limited to: Stefania Picelli, Saenchai and Manop along with YOKKAO are considering a major seminar tour at the best gyms across America. If you are interested in YOKKAO holding a Seminar in your gym with Saenchai please contact info@yokkao.com

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