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Article: YOKKAO Seminar Sell-Out Streak in Italy!

YOKKAO Seminar Sell-Out Streak in Italy!

YOKKAO Seminar Sell-Out Streak in Italy!

Earlier last month, YOKKAO announced 2 seminar dates with Saenchai in the Italian cities of Milan and Bologna on the 27th and 28th February respectively. The Italian seminar tour announcement was met with an immediate overwhelming response - both dates were sold out instantly. In order to cater to requests of the enthusiastic Italian fans, YOKKAO followed up by releasing 2 more seminar dates on 2nd March in Rome and returning to Bologna on 3rd March. Yet again, the Rome seminar sold out in record time to make it 3 strikes for the Italian seminar tour. Anyone who knows about Muay Thai even remotely, will be familiar with the living legend - Saenchai is a name that needs no introduction.

The iconic figure of Muay Thai and star fighter of the YOKKAO Fight Team brings with him decades of Muay Thai expertise to the seminars. Over the course of two hours, participants learnt about the different techniques of Muay Thai that have made Saenchai one of the greatest fighter in the history of Muay Thai. First-hand from the man himself, no less. Attendees were taught the signature moves and footwork from the the legendary figure. YOKKAO seminars with Saenchai are events never to be missed for fans of the sport. The seminars were webcasted over Facebook Live and Instagram Live as fans tuned in from across the world to watch as the legend displayed and imparted his wizardry of skills.

Due to bad weather conditions, the YOKKAO team was unable to make their way to Rome for the seminar that was originally scheduled on 2nd March. In order to not disappoint the fans, YOKKAO has postponed the seminar to April when local fans are assured of the opportunity to train with Saenchai. Following the Italian tour, YOKKAO and Saenchai have confirmed another series of seminars in April and June. This time, the team will be heading to the Great White North, Canada and Spain respectively. Stay connected with YOKKAO via social media network to get all the latest scoop. YOKKAO and Saenchai might just be dropping by anytime.

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