YOKKAO Seminars mark a new page in history with world record set in first three weeks of sold-out!

YOKKAO Seminars

As you can see by following our Instagram profile of YOKKAO Boxing, over the last three weeks, Saenchai, Pakorn, Manop and Stefania Picelli have flashed across their accounts continuous promotions of as many as 18 seminars between the UK and USA. Three weeks, two continents, a dozen plus cities all with full house attendance at each occasion. A promotion that has touched the hearts of all Muay Thai fans, from the youngest of children to the oldest adults. Stefania Picelli:

"Success of all the seminars is the result of a massive collaboration between all the gyms we visited. Behind the promotion of each event, albeit big events or those that are small, there is always a lot of work to do. On behalf of the entire YOKKAO staff, and on behalf of Saenchai, Pakorn and Manop, I want to say thank you to all the participants, the trainers and owners of gyms for the professionalism and the warm welcome."

During the course of the three weeks, from flight in UK to USA, Saenchai gave the best of himself, crossing the gloves with more than 90 fans in different sparring sessions. Due to numerous requests arriving from USA, a real full fledged YOKKAO tour in America with Stefania Picelli, Saenchai and Pakorn is set to take place in September and October.

More details will be fixed as Stefania Picelli is soon arriving to the new headquarters of YOKKAO Boxing in Samut Prakan. In the meantime, we remind all the Muay Thai Lovers the next YOKKAO Seminar and YOKKAO Games with Saenchai, Pakorn and Stefania Picelli will be held on 6-7th June, 2015 at ATMA YOKKAO Training Center in Hong Kong. Be there!

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