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Article: YOKKAO Seminars & YOKKAO Games: Saenchai and Manop back to US this May!

YOKKAO Seminars & YOKKAO Games: Saenchai and Manop back to US this May!

YOKKAO Seminars

Breaking News: Saenchai & Manop will return to the US from the 29th to 31st of May 2015 to host YOKKAO Seminars and the first round of the YOKKAO Games in Philadelphia and New York.

Thanks to the partnership with the famous Sitan Gym led by Aziz Nabih, and Rami Elite Gym run by Remi Ibrahim, fans of Muay Thai will be able to experience the thrill of training with the living legend of Muay Thai Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythigym and his famous trainer Manop Yuangjai.

RAMI ELITE GYM - PHILADELPHIA 29th / 30th May 2015 YOKKAO Seminars and YOKKAO Games will begin in Philadelphia, the fifth-most-populous city of the country. The location chosen is the famous Rami Elite Gym, owned by Rami Ibrahim. Fans will have access to the YOKKAO Seminar and have the possibility to join the first round of YOKKAO Games whose winner for the season will get the final cash prize of 2,000USD.

Register by May 15 1 day- $110 2 day- $180 3 day- $240 Register after May 15 1 day- $130 2 day- $200 3 day- $250 Rami Elite 7249 Rising Sun Ave Philadelphia, PA (215)669-3499 Rami_Ibrahim1@yahoo.com

SITAN GYM - NEW YORK 31st of May, 2015 After the success of the seminar held last Winter in New York, the event continues to be talked about months later. Due to bad weather, the location of february had to be moved not giving the chance for all the fans to join in on the seminar. This time there will not be the same problem: the Sitan Gym in New York will be able to accommodate a larger number of participants who will have the chance to not only attend one of the best Muay Thai Seminars ever held in the US but also the opportunity to win 2,000USD by participating at the first YOKKAO Workout for the YOKKAO Games.

About YOKKAO Games The YOKKAO GAMES are the latest innovative promotion by YOKKAO Boxing that will push athletes, fans and martial artists beyond their limits through training programs which will be known as YOKKAO Workouts, a series of trainings that are designed by famous Muay Thai fighters and functional training coaches. YOKKAO games will be held once every year, for the first year, training sessions will open in May 2015 until October 2015. During this time, fighters and athletes from YOKKAO Training Centers and Fight Gyms from round the world will be given the chance to enter into the biggest Muay Thai workout competition the World has ever seen.

YOKKAO Workouts will be released at Games.Yokkao.com with competitors having until the following training session to submit their scores. ALL ATHLETES FROM AROUND THE WORLD will have the possibility to join the YOKKAO Games. In the first season the overall winner will get 2,000 USD cash prize.

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