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Article: YOKKAO Signs Looksaikongdin Gym Sisters Aida and Duangdawnoi

YOKKAO Signs Looksaikongdin Gym Sisters Aida and Duangdawnoi

YOKKAO is always on the lookout to support fighters of all levels in achieving their goals on their journey.

With the recent addition of Rodtang, Nuenglanlek and Sakaengam from Jitmuangnon Gym, YOKKAO Fight Team now welcomes two female fighters on board: Aida and Duangdawnoi Looksaikongdin.

The two sisters train under the tutelage of their father, Kru Noparit Yohanngo who runs the Looksaikongdin Gym in Min Buri district, north of Bangkok. Kru Noparit and Looksaikongdin Gym have built a reputation for their Muay Mat style.

Aida and Duangdawnoi were born into a family of fighters, with many of their siblings also competing in Muay Thai or boxing. The fighting blood runs in the family with members of the Looksaikongdin Gym winning belts in the two sports. Their 17-year-old brother Sangarthit recently made worldwide news as being one of the youngest WBA boxing champions.

Both Aida and Duangdawnoi are active competitors in the Thailand female fighting scene. Like many of their older siblings, they started training and competing at a young age.

Duangdawnoi is an established name in the female Muay Thai scene. The 23-year-old is the 2014 WPMF world champion -47kg, a WMO world champion, Pattaya Boxing world champion -47kg and a OPBF boxing silver medalist -47kg. She holds a record of 75 fights with 50 wins, 20 losses and 5 draws.

The younger sister, Aida is fighting her way up the ranks. She currently holds a record of 65 fights with 48 wins, 15 losses and 2 draws. The 18-year-old is a 3-time gold medalist in the Muay Thai amateur competitions from 2018 to 2020. She will next fight on Japanese Kickboxing promotion, RISE on 28 February in Yokohama.

Stay tuned for more updates of the Looksaikongdin sisters as we support and follow their professional fighting careers.

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