YOKKAO smashing the U.S. with Saenchai at YOKKAO Seminar Tour!

The first ever YOKKAO USA Seminar Tour with Saenchai started with a massive success on February 3rd in Fontana and continuing in Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis and Chicago.

YOKKAO Seminar Saenchai

Since 2011, YOKKAO has sucessfully hosted more than 100 sold out Seminars from China to USA featuring the presence of Top Muay Thai level fighters and trainers, and in the process offering up an extraodinary experience for Muay Thai fans. As a marketing plan for 2017, YOKKAO is targeting the USA doing the first coast to coast Seminar tour with the Muay Thai Living Legend Saenchai, a fighter who is part of the YOKKAO Fight Team since 2011 when YOKKAO agreesively jumped into the Muay Thai market by breaking all the norms. The YOKKAO Seminars with Saenchai are structured in 2 hrs of Muay Thai techniques mixed with the unique Saenchai's style, a style completed developed and perfected by himself and which has made him the most sucessfull and famous Muay Thai fighter of all the time. After 2 hrs of hands on training some of the participants will have the opportunity to spar with the living legend and get a YOKKAO certificate of participation signed by YOKKAO representative Stefania Picelli and Saenchai. The sparring sessions are all broadcast LIVE on https://www.facebook.com/yokkao. You can stay tuned on "behind the scenes" seminar Tour coverage at IG stories www.instagram.com/yokkao and at YOKKAO Snapchat. The next cities for the Tour will be Nashville, Columbus, Boston and New York. Hit the link to know the locations: https://asia.yokkao.com/pages/seminars

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