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Article: YOKKAO To Offer Sponsorship Package To Upcoming Fighters

YOKKAO To Offer Sponsorship Package To Upcoming Fighters

Attention all aspiring Nak Muays! YOKKAO founder Philip Villa has announced a sponsorship package for up-and-coming fighters to come and train in our Bangkok gym. It doesn’t get any better than this for those who have always dreamed of being a serious practitioner of the art of 8 limbs.

For those who are interested in the sponsorship package: it includes a fully subsidized airfare to Thailand for those who are coming from another country, free training at YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok, free accommodation, and the chance to fight in various tournaments in the country.

As if all the incentives mentioned above aren’t enough to excite anyone grinding hard on their path as a fighter, we have made sure to include something that would make them even more motivated. Those who will be chosen to become sponsored fighters will train at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok under our experienced trainers. Best of all, they’d also be able to train side-by-side with YOKKAO fighters and champions such as Superlek, Petchpanomrung, Neunglanglek, Sangathit, and the one and only Saenchai.

On the motivation for offering the sponsorship package, Villa shares,

“It is one of our missions to support upcoming fighters and help them achieve their maximum potential on their fighting journey. We hope to invite fighters to train at our camp in Bangkok and help them realize their dreams. Through our partnership with Or Tor Gor Stadium in Bangkok, we will also be able to offer our sponsored fighters with opportunities to compete regularly on a prestigious Muay Thai platform in Thailand.”

The package presents an incredible opportunity for those who’ve always dreamed of devoting themselves to Muay Thai full time. It’s also a golden ticket for those who’ve always wanted to go to Thailand to experience training Muay Thai in its place of origin.

This offer is most beneficial for those who want to have a taste of what it’s like to train and compete in Thailand while being sponsored by one of the sport’s most established brands. YOKKAO has always been at the forefront of spreading awareness and appreciation for Muay Thai, having sponsored numerous fighters and events in the past several years. This recent development is significant because we have dedicated an initiative that’s solely focused on sponsoring up and coming fighters of the sport.

Head over to https://yokkao.com/pages/sponsorship to apply to become a YOKKAO sponsored athlete now!

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