YOKKAO Sportswear Collection to Launch in Showrooms Around the World

After the last few weeks of putting the final touches, YOKKAO Fall/Winter collection is ready for its official launch. 

Starting from this week, the complete collection will be launched fittingly in the fashion capital of Milan. It will also make its way to showrooms around the world in other fashion cities like Rome, Copenhagen, Madrid, New York and Hong Kong.

The sportswear collection is the fruit of labor from the collaboration between Italian designers, the YOKKAO Team in Thailand and YOKKAO founder, Philip Villa at the helms. Featuring a diverse mix of Muay Thai gear, accessories and apparel collection, it is set to be our most aspiring product range to date. 

Over the last decade since YOKKAO came on the scene, we have constantly sought to revamp the fight gear and Muay Thai industry by injecting it with a modern feel. Our goal and vision have always been to connect Muay Thai with the fashion lifestyle world. 

The launch of YOKKAO Fall/Winter sportswear collection marks a big step forward for the progression of the Muay Thai sport and industry as a whole. Villa says, 

“I know that this project will massively benefit the world of Muay Thai and for all of us at Yokkao. When I say all of us, I am talking about those who have been supporting the brand and the sport of Muay Thai for many years: fighters, fans, and employees. It will be like winning a World Title all of us together, as a team, as a family."

Stay tuned for more updates as well as the drop dates for the new collection at our online store.

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