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Article: YOKKAO Supports Muay Thai Gyms in Northeast Thailand

YOKKAO Supports Muay Thai Gyms in Northeast Thailand

One of YOKKAO’s vision as a Muay Thai brand is to have a positive impact on the sport and promote the Muay Thai culture around the world.

As a prominent brand name on the global fight scene, we sponsor many top athletes and renowned camps with gear and training equipment. The company is also passionate about growing and supporting the sport at the grassroots level.

With the growth of the brand and increasing support from our customers, YOKKAO is able to pay it forward and provide support for more gyms in Thailand that are in need of training gear and equipment.

YOKKAO founder, Philip Villa explains,

As a Thai brand we have a social responsibility and we give priority to gyms in Thailand especially in the north where they need not just a pair of gloves, but also the gear to train with. Some gyms in the north still use cushions instead of pads. Supporting the local gyms in Thailand is something that I have always done behind the scenes but I decided that we will start to show some of our initiatives to our fans.”

The past week, the YOKKAO team traveled north to Buriram province in Northeastern Thailand to outfit gyms and fighters with new equipment, gear and shorts. The team also documented our efforts in supporting the local community during the trip.

In a recent Instagram post, Villa shares,

... I asked our Team to go to Buriram (Northeastern Thailand) to show everyone what @yokkao does behind the scenes. I have always believed in helping gyms and fighters even at the very beginning and the company couldn’t afford it.

"I believed in creating a Muay Thai project, a project that would help Muay Thai to become better known all around the world. Eventually it worked and the worldwide Muay Thai Community aided us by buying and promoting our products. It’s the kids and unknown prospects you are seeing in this post who received the gear for training. Because of each and everyone of you. Thank you on behalf of everyone from Yokkao. “

Our mission to build and promote the sport at every level continues.

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