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Article: 20 YOKKAO UK Fighters On WBC Muay Thai Ranking!

20 YOKKAO UK Fighters On WBC Muay Thai Ranking!


World Boxing Council (WBC) recently updated its fighters ranking across all weight classes and over twenty UK fighters made it to the latest list.

UK is one of the most prolific regions outside of Thailand in producing the world’s top Muay Thai athletes. This phenomenon is represented by the number of UK fighters who have populated the WBC charts over the past decade.

"As the most prominent Muay Thai promotion in UK, it is no surprise we have hosted many of the region’s top fighters in our official events. On last count, 20 out of the WBC ranked UK fighters have featured on YOKKAO fight cards", said YOKKAO UK promoter, Brian Calder.

Some of the notable names who have competed on our official events include Joe Craven, Jack Kennedy, Chris Shaw, Craig Coakley and the recently crowned WBC European champion, Spencer Brown. Not forgetting YOKKAO world champion, Liam Harrison who is a former WBC welterweight world champion. Harrison was also appointed as a WBC Muay Thai global ambassador last October for dedicating his life to the sport and sharing his knowledge around the world.

With the growth of the sport in the region, we expect to see more UK names making their way up and into the rankings.

Other than the yearly official shows including the upcoming YOKKAO 37 - 38 taking place on 23 March, we are currently working on a few projects to further drive the fast-growing UK Muay Thai scene. Stay tuned for more details and developments.

Here's the complete list of YOKKAO UK fighters on WBC ranking:

Light Heavyweight: Bilal Remassy Omboye

Super Middleweight: Owen Trykowski, Jersey Pinto

Middleweight: Joe Craven, Jake Purdy

Super Welterweight: Jack Cooper

Welterweight: Liam Harrison, Jack Kennedy

Super-Lightweight: Nathon Bendon, Chris Shaw, Spencer Brown

Lightweight: Panicos Yusuf, Craig Coakley, Paul karpowicz

Super Featherweight: Jonathan Haggerty, Dean James, Jacob Smith

Featherweight: Reece Thomson, Simon Forrest

Super Bantamweight: Daniel McGowan

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