YOKKAO UK Ranked #1 Darren O'Connor vs Karim Bennoui at YOKKAO 12!


Karim Bennoui, better known as "The Chirurgien" aka "The Surgeon", because of his accuracy in delivering hits, coming this YOKKAO 12 on Saturday 21st of March, 2015 at Macron Stadium in Bolton (UK). As per regulations, the match will be valid for scoring in YOKKAO UK Ranking and will consist of five, three minutes rounds at the weight of 61.5kg. On paper, the fighter have all the numbers to ensure fans a spectacular match: Darren O'Connor, 29 years old has a record of 35 fights with 24 wins while Karim Bennoui, 27 years, has 48 fights with 35 wins. Setting the stage, this fight will seal the BEGINNING of a series of opportunities for the YOKKAO UK ranked fighters who will be guaranteed not only an unprecedented notoriety amongst global fans but access to the fights in the international scene. Fans are booking tickets from everywhere in Europe: Saturday, 21st of March make sure you don't miss your favourite Muay Thai event. Tickets are on sale at: http://www.yokkao.com/events/yokkao-12-yokkao-13-uk-tickets/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAxLEGieNg0

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