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Article: YOKKAO UK Ranking March 2015 update!

YOKKAO UK Ranking March 2015 update!

YOKKAO UK Ranking March 2015 update!

The undisputed success of YOKKAO 12 and YOKKAO 13 frenzy continues with everyone still talking about the fights. The magical evening saw the fighters produce an unforgettable site for the audience while officially launching the YOKKAO UK Ranking and the first round of fighters.

Based on a point score system, YOKKAO UK Ranking is valid only in YOKKAO UK Ranking fights or official YOKKAO events with a committee composed of promoters and our distributor for UK and Ireland. 72,5kg CATEGORY YOKKAO 12 introduces the entry of a new category, -72,5kg. The spectacular victory of Kris Addis vs Jake Barton by knockout in the fourth round to elbow, match many are calling the Fight of the Night, has opened the doors to both fighters into the -72,5kg category with 600 points to 500 points for Kris Addis and Jake Barton respectively.

For the -72,5kg, YOKKAO UK promoters announce the entry of a new fighter for the first place ranking: Soloman Wicksted, a fighter set to give audiences spectacular fights in the future. 65kg CATEGORY In the 65kg category, Liam Harrison, official fighter of YOKKAO Fight Team, remains unchallenged at the top of the ranking with no change in score as per regulation. Soon Liam Harrison will be added to the YOKKAO World Ranking which will encompass the global rankings of fighters from the Official YOKKAO Fight Team. Myk Estlick with his third victory in a row, is ranked second in the UK YOKKAO Ranking with 701 points. Further entering the ranks the opponent of Myk Estlick, Jack McGuire now in sixth place with 2/3 of the previous score held by Myk Estlick (see rules). Losing his position Danny Harrison-Little, taking his place in overwhelming style Kyle Helleur thanks to his victory by TKO in YOKKAO 12. 70kg CATEGORY The score of Jordan Watson, fighter of Official YOKKAO Fight Team, remains unmoving on top of the UK YOKKAO Ranking -70kg. As for Liam Harrison, Jordan Watson will enter shortly into the World ranking of YOKKAO fighters.

Josh Turbill marks his third consecutive victory rising to 817 points, while Steven Long after two defeats, marks a turn with a victory in YOKKAO 12, holding his third position ranking. Jack Cooper and John Kaufman, opponents of Josh Tubill and Steven Long respectively, enter into the ranking. 61,5kg CATEGORY The category most popular at the moment currently hosts 7 fighters. Despite the defeat from Karim Bennoui, the score of Darren O'Connor remains unchanged as per regulation. The brilliant performance of Stephen Meleady guarantees the fighter with 850 points, only 40 away from Darren O'Connor. The score of Chris Shaw remains unchanged with 600 points.

Keith McLachlan is the fighter heading up the YOKKAO UK Ranking thanks to the victory against Paul Karpowicz by TKO. Karpowicz enters the ranking at sixth place with 334 points. A rematch against Keith McLachlan and Karpowicz could lead to turning the rankings upside down. Chris Whittle struck his second win and remains in fifth place. Entering the ranking his opponent George Ross. UNRIVALED VISIBILITY Yesterday on Twitter, YOKKAO events partner media agency Rocket Media BKK, noticed that in less than 4 months from the date of announcement, YOKKAO UK Ranking on Google has been added to the search suggestions box under the keywords "Yokkao UK Ranking". You can imagine to yourself how many times by now people from all around the world have searched info about UK fighters who joined the promotion. YOKKAO UK Rankings are available at: http://www.yokkao.com/uk-ranking/

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