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Article: YOKKAO UK Seminars: Saenchai and Pakorn Headed to Hit Up 10 cities in the UK!

YOKKAO UK Seminars: Saenchai and Pakorn Headed to Hit Up 10 cities in the UK!

YOKKAO UK Seminars: Saenchai and Pakorn Headed to Hit Up 10 cities in the UK!

Visa confirmed and picked up yesterday at the British Embassy in Bangkok for Saenchai and Pakorn, the two are engaging in a massive Muay Thai promotion hosting 13 YOKKAO Seminars in 10 famous cities across the UK from May 14 to May 24, 2015. Viewfinder: Edinburgh, Glasgow, York, Manchester, Salford Walkden, Darlington, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bournemouth and Essex. A promotion bringing to the forefront the best gyms, trainers of Muay Thai and top two Thai fighters who create the waves of Muay Thai in Thailand. Saenchai PKSaenchaimuaythaigym: The ultimate definition of Muay Thai, known as the best pound 4 pound in the world, a fighter who carries over 330 fights on his shoulders with more than 270 victories, a fighter whose opponents think twice before stepping on the ring with him. Pakorn PKSaenchaimuaythaigym: YOKKAO World Champion, recently coming from his World title defense against Liam Harrison at YOKKAO 13, he is 'the fighter most' quoted at Lumpinee, a fighter with healthy 210+ matches and over 170 victories. The perfect combination of two fighters will give unique energy to the participants of each seminar, in addition, this time around, there will be more: the YOKKAO Games. YOKKAO GAMES The first round of YOKKAO Workout in the first season of YOKKAO Games will start of in Thailand continuing to the YOKKAO Seminar locations across the US and UK with Saenchai as scoring judge. All have free access from anywhere in the world, just apply online for your chance to win at season's end the cash prize of 2000USD. Each seminar in the UK and US will host a thirty minute YOKKAO Games in which anyone will be able to participate without any additional cost. YOKKAO Games in 2015 will consist of 4 workouts that will be released in May, June, September and October of 2015 with the winner having scored collective highest total points from each of the four workouts. The first round of YOKKAO Workout will begin on May 11 ending the first ranked workout on June 10, 2015. Between May 11 and June 10, everyone participating in the YOKKAO Seminars in UK or USA, at training sessions provided by official YOKKAO Training Centers or by uploading their video of the YOKKAO Workout to Youtube, will be judged and validated for the YOKKAO Games. More information will be released soon at, games.yokkao.com a site being developed by the RocketMediaBKK staff in recent months. Check it soon for the latest information! All info, dates and locations confirmed from May 14th until May 24th 2015 at this link: http://www.yokkao.com/events/yokkao-uk-muay-thai-seminar-saenchai-pakorn-2015/

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