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Article: YOKKAO Opens Official Warehouse in Europe!

YOKKAO Opens Official Warehouse in Europe!

YOKKAO Opens Official Warehouse in Europe!

The wait is over for European fans of YOKKAO. YOKKAO will open an official warehouse in Europe (Republic of San Marino) by the end of July 2017. The YOKKAO official warehouse will be opened in conjunction with Muay Thai Combat, the leading European distributor of several major combat gear brands which of course, includes YOKKAO. Muay Thai Combat is a name all YOKKAO fans are familiar with, having been a key partner in YOKKAO fight promotions and events right from the start. The deal signed between YOKKAO and Muay Thai Combat will give access to shops and gyms in Europe to buy directly from the Republic of San Marino warehouse, thus avoiding lag time due to production and also import taxes.

In addition, operating without intermediaries will establish YOKKAO as the most competitive Muay Thai brand in terms of prices and quality offered. With the opening of the official warehouse, fans will have access to the latest and complete range of YOKKAO products and at the best prices. YOKKAO’s earliest foray into Europe began in 2011 with a series of Muay Thai events such as the well-received Fan Expo and international training camp organised in partnership with Muay Thai Combat.

Over the years, YOKKAO’s fan base rose exponentially, due in part to the successful run of fight promotions all around the world. But most importantly, it is the brand’s dedication to developing and crafting the best quality Muay Thai products for fight fans that continues to see the growing demand. From the classic Carbon shorts that are highly sought after by Muay Thai fans the world over, to the stylish matching gloves and shorts collections like Frost, Sick or Ronin, YOKKAO continues to deliver the most innovative and cutting-edge products. Follow YOKKAO on its social network for the latest updates on the latest products that may soon be available in your local fight stores and gyms!

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