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Article: YOKKAO 23-24: the celebration day of Muay Thai, the sport we all love!

YOKKAO 23-24: the celebration day of Muay Thai, the sport we all love!

YOKKAO 23-24

This gone weekend saw fighters put their bodies on the line at YOKKAO 23 & 24. Two world titles, UK ranking fight and what can only be described as the most exciting female fight of the century. The YOKKAO team delivering a show stopping event yet again to the Muay Thai community. The Bolton Macron Stadium was again, sold out. The fight card was, again, stacked. The calibre of the event goes from strength to strength every time and the YOKKAO team are to thank for that.

YOKKAO Next Generation

YOKKAO 23 & 24 saw some of the countries young hungry fighters, who will be one day, be fighting at the top of their game. Spencer Brown who has been living and training at the YOKKAO Training Centre in the heart of Bangkok met defeat against George Mouzakitis. The fight went the distance with both fighters showing heart but Mouzakitis did enough to secure the win over Brown. Tamara Fallon and Hannah Brady fought 5 hard rounds as well as William Sarwar vs Isaac Taylor too who both fought five hard rounds but was decided a draw. Stuart Stabler won against his opponent, Hassan Din.


YOKKAO 23 saw a YOKKAO world title defence, a UK ranking bout as well as international level fights. Myk Estlick who was yet to be defeated on the YOKKAO stage, tasted defeat when he lost to Irish number 1 Craig Coakley. Jake Purdy's No.1 spot was up for grabs when it was announced that he would take on Kev Foster, but he was able to solidify his place as YOKKAO UK ranked 1 at 72.5kg after he won the fight by TKO. It willl be exciting to see who will be able to stop Purdy on his rampage throughout the Muay Thai circuit on the next events. Joe Craven made his debut on the YOKKAO main card and did so with impressive fashion, stopping Northern Spirits Harry Burton inside the distance. The young man comes from the world famous YOKKAO Training Center Bad Company in Leeds, training with the likes of Liam Harrison, Jordan Watson and other top-level fighters who will influence Cravens development into an exciting fighter in the coming years.

YOKKAO WORLD TITLE -70KG Jordan Watson vs Sorgraw Petchiyindee

The main event of YOKKAO 23 saw Jordan Watson stand off against Sorgraw Petchyindee putting on a masterclass and showcasing in fantastic fashion all aspects of the art of 8 limbs. Watson took it up another level, making it known that he is the YOKKAO World Champion at 70kg and is willing to take on the best in the world to defend that belt.


Remassy Omoboye was first up on the YOKKAO 24 event and stopping his opponent Karl Upton in the final round of the bout. Louis Green took on a Norwegian opponent, Markus Kalberg with another stoppage. Green taking home another win on his record. Tommi McCormick lost by TKO against the well known Jack Kennedy, who just keeps going from strength to strength taking yet another win. These two fighters are no strangers to the YOKKAO stage and the YOKKAO UK rankings will be amended accordingly to show Kennedy's most recent win.

FIGHT OF THE NIGHT: Amy Pirnie vs Dakota Ditcheva

YOKKAO 24 saw one of the most exciting fights that have been seen in Muay Thai for some time. YOKKAO Next Generation fighter and UK No.1, Amy Pirnie, took on Dakota Ditcheva in what many has been naming the best female fight to have been seen on UK soil. Both ladies went toe to toe for the full five rounds, with Amy solidifying the win and putting a stop to Ditcheva's clean sheet. Pirnie had spent some time out in Thailand at the YOKKAO Training Center in Bangkok, in preparation for this fight and it goes to show that, training with the best fighters in the world helps push the boundaries of what is achievable within the sport.

Stephen Meleady vs Wuttichai YOKKAOSAENCHAIGYM

Stephen Meleady had a five-round battle with Wuttichai YokkaoSaenchaiGym. Putting on a display of what it takes to be fighting at that level. Meleady upped his game, having an answer for everything that Wuttichai was throwing at him, securing another top tier win to his already impressive fight record.

YOKKAO WORLD TITLE -65KG Liam Harrison vs Rayan Mekki

The YOKKAO 23 main event saw another one of the Bad Company boys take on Frenchman Ryan Mekki in the first of Liam's YOKKAO World title defences. Harrison stopped the Frenchman in the third round after sustaining a cut early in the first round from an elbow. This saw Harrison come out, bite down on his gum-shield and show the crowd of the Bolton Macron stadium, why he is the YOKKAO World champion. With a flurry of punches, the referee Jesse Saunders stopped the fight in the third as Mekki was just unable to compete with Harrison's skillset. A fantastic night was had by all this weekend in Bolton at YOKKAO 23 & 24. Many of the fight fans have took to social media dubbing YOKKAO 23 & 24 the best event yet.

As always, preparations for the next events have already began and the YOKKAO Team in Thailand together with our YOKKAO UK promoter are already securing some of the most exciting fights. As soon as the tickets will be released you will be able to find them at the events section of the YOKKAO website. Until then, keep a close eye out for the releasing of the fight videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram over the coming weeks and USE discount code YOKKAO2324 to GET 30% OFF MUAY THAI GEAR at yokkao.com/shop

** YOKKAO 24 results **

YOKKAO WORLD TITLE -65 kgs Liam Harrison won by TKO vs Rayan Mekki

YOKKAO UK Female Ranking -51kgs Amy Pirnie won by points vs Dakota Ditcheva

Thailand vs Ireland -63kgs Stephen Meleady won by points vs Wuttichai YokkaoSaenchaigym

YOKKAO UK Ranking -65kgs Jack Kennedy won by TKO vs Tommi MCCormick

England vs Norway -54kgs Louis Green won by TKO vs Markus Kalberg

England vs England -78kgs Karl Upton lost by TKO vs Remassy Omoboye

** YOKKAO 23 results **

YOKKAO WORLD TITLE -70 kgs Jordan Watson won by points vs Sorgraw Petchyindee

YOKKAO UK Ranking -72,50kgs Jake Purdy won by TKO vs Kev Foster

England vs Ireland -61.50kgs Myk Estlick lost by TKO vs Craig Coakley

England vs Scotland -63kgs Chris Whittle won by points vs Stewart Pringle

YOKKAO UK Ranking -70kgs Joe Craven won by TKO vs Harry Burton

YOKKAO UK Ranking -72,50kgs Owen Trykowski won by TKO vs Matthiew Crozier

YOKKAO Next Generation

Spencer Brown lost by points vs George Mouzakitis William Sarwar vs Isaac Taylor DRAW Tamara Fallon vs Hannah Brady DRAW Grzegorz Kubiak lost vs Mike Farah Stuart Stabler won by points vs Hassan Din Ashley Blakely lost vs John Henry Careslade

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