$235/ 1 Sessions
  • Muay Thai Living Legend
  • 345 fights / 291 wins
  • Multiple times Thailand and Lumpinee Champion

Considered one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world, Saenchai is a real Muay Thai Living Legend.

He began fighting at just 8 yrs old collecting over his career an incredible record of more than 350 fights with 290+ wins.

He has won the Lumpinee Championship Title in 4 different weight divisions, 2 times Fighter of the Year, Toyota Champion, WDC World Champion, WMC World Champion, WPMF World Champion..the list is endless.

He is the only Muay Thai fighter with his own fight style made of techniques developed over his years of experience.

Training privately with Saenchai can only be considered an extraordinary memeborable experience. There is no Muay Thai Lover who has not had on their bucket list the dream of training with Saenchai.


*discount code not available for training sessions*


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