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YOKKAO: The Martial Arts Manufacturer

Leading manufacturer of Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, American Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA Equipment. All our gear is completely handmade in Thailand: quality, unrivaled design and safe products for the ring and training. In the world of Muay Thai YOKKAO is looking to expand into every facet of Muay Thai. From events to promotions to equipment manufacturing, YOKKAO wants to show that it is capable of bringing top of the line events and equipment to all of its customers.

Manufacturing high quality gear, YOKKAO has been able to take the world of Muay Thai by storm. YOKKAO has been able to make gloves, shin guards, rings, heavy bags, t shirts and other premium apparel. YOKKAO gear is used by top athletes including Saenchai, Liam Harrison and Jordan Watson for every training session. All YOKKAO gear is handcrafted by professionals in the heart of Muay Thai, in Thailand, providing the best quality that money can buy.


YOKKAO is the top Muay Thai promotion in the world. Having established itself on the peak, YOKKAO has extended its kingdom outwards and is now manufacturing goods, holding events, creating top quality gyms and providing seminars to Muay Thai students around the world.

Our goods include gloves, shin guards, rings, heavy bags, t-shirts and other apparel. Our events have been sold out across the world with more than 400 fighters entering the YOKKAO ring. Our top quality gyms help train the highest level Muay Thai fighters in the world including Saenchai PK Saenchaimuaythaigym. Our Seminars break down high level knowledge for our students.

Creating high exposure international events around the world with world class fighters, YOKKAO Events are recognized by fans as the most exciting Muay Thai Events in the World. YOKKAO is not just a series of high quality Muay Thai gyms and equipment it is also the world’s best Muay Thai promotion. Fighters from around the world have battled on YOKKAO events including Liam Harrison, Jordan Watson, Saenchai PK Saenchaimuaythaigym, Fabio Pinca, Singdam Kiatmoo9, Sanny Dahlbeck, Tetsuya Yamato and many, many more. YOKKAO has had more than 400 boxers battle on its stage.

YOKKAO matchmaking pits the top tier Muay Thai talent from around the world for the most explosive battles in history. YOKKAO events have been also held around the world with events occurring in Italy, England, Thailand, China and other crowd drawing locations. The fights are supported with a great graphics package allowing viewers and fans the best news in the business.

YOKKAO Training Centers

A recognition of quality and trust, YOKKAO Training Centers are recognized as the go to for the best Muay Thai and MMA Gyms in the world. The place to be if you're looking to train hard. Everyday Muay Thai fans from around the world contact YOKKAO asking where they can train and learn real, authentic Muay Thai. YOKKAO has opened the best training centers in the world with a headquarters right in the center of Thailand in Bangkok. Our main center is located close to the center of the city and is a fully equipped facility with extended hours to fit everyone’s schedule. YOKKAO offers private lessons with Saenchai PK Saenchaimuaythaigym and Singdam Kiatmoo9 amongst other top trainers.

YOKKAO also affiliate gyms where practitioners can get the best training in the world outside of Bangkok. Kiatmoo9 gym is one of our top of the line affiliate gyms, located in Buriram in Northeast Thailand, and is regularly nominated for gym of the year. Several top fighters including YOKKAO’s Singdam Kiatmoo9 have come from the gym proving that it is a great facility to learn from.

YOKKAO Seminars

Participating in a Muay Thai, MMA or Fitness Seminar with our World Class Fighters is one of the best learning experiences that every martial art's lover can do. Our Champions will improve your skills with a plethora of tricks and techniques immediately beneficial to your training regimen. YOKKAO offers seminars to students that are unable to come to Thailand for training. YOKKAO has traveled around the world with superstar Saenchai and his trainer Kru Manop. Seminars include top of the line fighters teaching high level techniques including sweeps, feints, timing drills and specialty attacks including the cartwheel kick. The basics are also covered with the importance of footwork and balance especially stressed in Saenchai’s seminars.

YOKKAO has been able to offer seminars all around America stopping in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, Seattle and other cities around the country. The seminars are 2 hours long and often include live sparring sessions broadcast live on the YOKKAO facebook page. YOKKAO seminars have been sold out over 100 times.

YOKKAO Instructor Courses And Certifications

Learning is an ongoing process. We offer the opportunity for you to be introduced to several Muay Thai, MMA and Fitness Experts with certified courses. Whether you are a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, program director, club owner or new to the industry, after experiencing our courses, you will be motivated and prepared to take your career to the next level.