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YOKKAO Seminar with Saenchai in Toronto, Canada

YOKKAO Seminar with Saenchai in Canada

Canadian Muay Thai enthusiasts, get ready for the event that everyone has been waiting for. Following Poland and Italy in February, Saenchai will next head to the Great White North for a series of YOKKAO Seminars on the 28th and 29th April respectively. The seminars will be hosted by Budo Canada located in the city of Toronto. 2 seminars will be held each day to cater to the overwhelming requests and demand.

There is no active fighter in the world who is as highly-regarded as Saenchai, a name that needs hardly any introduction. With more than 10 world championship titles of the highest honour in the sport, Saenchai is arguably the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time. The living legend continues to compete actively on an international level after sominating the elite Thailand Muay Thai scene for close to two decades. Saenchai is most well-known for his amazing and effective arsenal of Muay Thai moves that makes him the most entertaining fighter to watch in the ring.

The seminar marks Saenchai’s return to the North American continent since a year ago where the YOKKAO crew went on a full-fledged tour in the United States. The 2017 tour saw Saenchai and the YOKKAO staff travelling on the road from the east coast to the west coast for over a month, selling out to packed venues at every stop. There is no question that the coming Canadian seminars will experience a similarly enthusiastic response.

YOKKAO has seen an increasing demand for its goods so here is another piece of good news. There will be a huge stall set up at the seminars with a wide range of YOKKAO products available for sale. Selected attendees will get the opportunity to get their gloves signed in-person by the living legend.

There is more to the trip than just the YOKKAO seminar with Saenchai. There are now plans to open a warehouse right in Canada as well as set up an affiliate training center that will host regular seminars with members of the YOKKAO Fight Team. YOKKAO is also currently working with other gyms in Canada to possibly add more dates and venues. Lots of exciting happenings are headed towards so stay connected with YOKKAO via social network as more info will follow in the days ahead.Buy the tickets here:

Seminar #1 Saturday April 28th 10am-12:30pm


Seminar #2 Saturday April 28th 4:30pm-7pm


Seminar#3 Sunday April 29th 10am-12:30pm


Seminar #4 Sunday April 29th 4:30pm-7pm