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Article: 28 Gyms Set to Participate in the YOKKAO Team Seminar USA Tour 2022

28 Gyms Set to Participate in the YOKKAO Team Seminar USA Tour 2022

The final list of participating gyms for the YOKKAO Team Seminar USA Tour 2022 is complete and the much-anticipated event is about to kick off.

A total of 28 gyms are confirmed to take part in the seminar that will be held throughout the month of September. After taking a break for 3 years, a lot of planning and preparation went into making sure that the return of this renowned event to the United States is going to be a major success.

There will be a total of 30 seminar stops on the tour in 28 gyms that are located in 27 different cities across the US. It will run from 02 September to 29 September. Response from both gyms and the fans has been enthusiastic and beyond expectations, and that means that this latest tour has already exceeded the last one in terms of the number of cities and gyms that are taking part.

The seminars in this year’s tour will be conducted by the acclaimed YOKKAO Team. As everyone knows, the team is made up of legendary Nak Muays and some of the recognizable names in the sport. They are led by the GOAT of Muay Thai himself, Saenchai, and he is joined by fellow superstar and current pound-for-pound Muay Thai great Superlek. Rounding out the team is Kru Fasai, who brings his own wealth of knowledge and skills about the sport.

Each participant in the seminars will receive valuable tips and learn techniques from the YOKKAO Team. The team members could even show off some of their signature moves, and teach them to the participants.

Some of the participants might even be lucky enough to get a chance to spar with the members of the seminar team. At the conclusion of the seminars at each stop, there will be an autograph session as well as a photograph-taking opportunity with the training team.

The seminar tour will set to start on 02 September at The Fight Lab USA gym in Fort Lee, New Jersey, and the seminar team will then make their way throughout the country. They will make a stop at each of the 28 participating gyms along the way and will then make their last stop at the Muay Thai Iyarin Gym in Seattle, Washington, on 29 September.

If you want to check out the complete list of participating gyms, their locations, and the dates when the seminar will be held there, please go here. Tickets are now available for purchase at the hosting gyms. So if you want to expand your knowledge and level up your skills in Muay Thai, while at the same time train and learn from some of the sport’s icons, then find out the nearest gym that’s taking part!

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