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Article: 3 Simple Tips to Develop Explosive Punching Power

3 Simple Tips to Develop Explosive Punching Power

Under full Muay Thai rules, kicks can score more points in many promotions. Kicks also deliver more power and damage. However, punches can be delivered faster to the head which is the most vulnerable part of the human body. The liver shot is also known to be an effective finisher. In Muay Thai and many stand-up combat sports, heavy punchers can finish fights with devastating results.

Muay Mat is a fighting style that favors strong hands over other weapons. These punchers are known to finish fights with their hands, clocking up a high KO rate in their wins. While experience, fight IQ and good cardio endurance will win fights via the scoring system, possessing explosive punches will increase your chances of winning by way of knockout.

Besides the usual training at the gym such as padwork, mittwork and strength training, there are other ways to develop and level up on your explosive punching power. Here are 3 simple tips to help you achieve your maximum punching potential:

Heavy Bag Training

Heavy bag training is a key training aspect of striking as it allows you to hit as hard as you can. In order to punch hard, the hands need to be able to handle the impact. Heavy bag training will strengthen hands over time so you can work your way up on the intensity to condition your hands. Punching power requires both physical and psychological training. By regular repetitive training and throwing each punch with bad intentions, you can develop more devastating power for that knockout punch.

Focus on Technique

One of the key elements to generate powerful punches is having the right technique. Explosive punching power is generated from the legs through the rotation of the hips, shoulders and translating it to the hands. Shadow boxing is one of the ways to focus on perfecting your techniques and form. When it comes to the right punching form, our trainers recommend staying relaxed and rotating your torso and shoulder for added velocity. Lastly, as Mike Tyson recommends, punch through, not at the target.

Plyometric Exercises

Plyometric exercises are helpful exercises designed to increase strength and speed which translates to power when combined. While many plyometric exercises are targeted at the lower body, there are a few that can also level up athletic performance in your upper body, and improve your punching power. Medicine ball workouts help to train explosive power in the hands and shoulders by working the muscle fibers. Some medicine ball exercises include throws and slams. For training without specialised equipment, plyometric push-ups are great alternatives. Instead of a standard push-up, use force to push yourself so that both your hands leave the floor. To increase difficulty, try clapping before you land or lifting all limbs off the floor.

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