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Article: 5 reasons to train at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok!

5 reasons to train at YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok!

Muay Thai is the national sport and pride of Thailand and Bangkok is where the best action is at. Every Muay Thai fighter dreams of training in Bangkok and fighting in the famed stadiums like Lumpinee and Rajadamnern. This has led to a collection of the best Muay Thai camps in Thailand. Every year, Muay Thai enthusiasts descend in droves on the Thai capital to learn or sharpen their Muay Thai skills. Simply because there is no better place for it. But with hundreds of camps to choose from, trying to pick one to train at can be an intimidating decision to make. So what makes YOKKAO Training Center THE place to train at?

Here are the top 5 reasons to train Muay Thai at YOKKAO Training Center: Authentic Muay Thai Training To fully appreciate and reap the benefits of training Muay Thai, it is crucial to practise in an authentic way. The training program at YOKKAO Training Center is developed and conducted by Kru Manop Yuangyai, head trainer of the YOKKAO fight team. Kru Manop carries 30 years of experience with him, during which he trained over 40 Muay Thai world champions. Training at YOKKAO is done twice a day: once in the morning and the other in the afternoon, with the option of attending either or both. Each session begins with a run at the nearby idyllic Benjakiti park, followed by the full suite of Muay Thai training. This includes shadow boxing, bagwork, padwork with the trainers and various strengthening exercises. It is almost guaranteed to feel completely smashed at the end of each session. Nobody said this was going to be easy but nothing worth doing is easy.


Location, location, location! YOKKAO Training Center is located in the centralised district of Sukhumvit and just 5 minutes walk from the nearest Skytrain station (Asok). Accessibility is an absolute blessing in a city infamous for its frustrating traffic gridlock. Being situated near to both a skytrain and a metro station, commuting to the gym becomes a lot more efficient. But not only that. Sukhumvit is also the best place to be for its proximity to wondrous shopping malls, exciting nightlife and every convenience imaginable. So it is no surprise that the area is home and playground to Bangkok’s expat population and tourists alike.

Personalised Training

With a stable of passionate and experienced trainers, YOKKAO Training Center caters to people of all levels. Complete Muay Thai newbies with no martial arts experience are as welcome as professional fighters at YOKKAO. It can be intimidating dropping in to train at any Muay Thai gym, especially for a beginner. After all, Muay Thai is known to be one of the most demanding martial arts. YOKKAO’s knowledgeable and patient trainers will ensure beginners get the right coaching so that a solid foundation is built at the start. For more experienced Muay Thai practitioners, trainers will assess and impart tips and techniques to elevate the fighters’ game.

World Class Facilities

YOKKAO training equipment is used and highly favored by fight gyms all over the world. As one of the leading Muay Thai brands in the world, athletes at YOKKAO Training Center can always expect the training equipment to be in tip top condition. YOKKAO products have always been known for their sharp aesthetics and the gym is equipped with cheerful neon heavy bags and training pads. There are clean shower facilities with lockers, and the whole gym is regularly maintained, making it a pleasant environment to train in. There is also a shop situated in the facility, stocking all of the latest YOKKAO products. Simply show up and train Muay Thai!

Training with the Best

As the saying goes, “if you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best”. True fans of Muay Thai will be familiar with multiple-time champions like Singdam, Pakorn, Manachai and of course, Saenchai, all of whom are part of the prolific Yokkao fight team. At Yokkao training center, there is opportunity to not just train alongside these fighters, but to train BY them. Intermediate and advanced level fighters can relish the experience of sparring and clinching with them, which can vastly improve one’s Muay Thai skills. Private classes with star fighters like Singdam and Saenchai are available and something to cross off the bucket list for every Muay Thai fan. Head over to YOKKAO Training Center Bangkok and experience the very best in Muay Thai training today!

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