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Article: Saenchai vs. Buakaw: Dream Muay Thai Battle Becomes Reality

Saenchai vs. Buakaw: Dream Muay Thai Battle Becomes Reality

The dream Muay Thai fight for many is now about to become a reality and is coming in November as Muay Thai living legends Saenchai and Buakaw face off in the ring!

It will not be the usual Muay Thai event, however. The two will compete in a bare knuckle Muay Thai match, which is definitely something different. Fans would not know what to expect, which further builds up the excitement.

Most people never thought that this fight was possible at all. First of all, everyone knows that Saenchai and Buakaw are close friends. Even though fighters usually set their friendships aside, people thought that would not be the case with these two icons.

Another reason is that they are already at the twilight of their highly-decorated careers. They are two of the most successful Muay Thai fighters ever. Yet crossing paths at this late stage is something that some people did not foresee.

But here they are and Saenchai and Buakaw did not sign on for a mere exhibition fight. They are actually going to do a bare knuckle Muay Thai fight that is certain to excite combat sports fans around the world. It can at least help drum up more interest in Muay Thai and help the sport reach a wider audience.

Set for November 04, the bout between Saenchai and Buakaw will certainly be interesting. It might not be the usual brutal bare knuckle fight, but one thing is sure. That the two icons will display their legendary skills and even the signature techniques that the public expects from them.

Whatever the outcome, the upcoming clash between Saenchai and Buakaw is bound to be memorable. The fans of both fighters and Muay Thai in general, will have one more thing to remember them by - a rare bare knuckle Muay Thai battle for the ages!

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