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Article: YOKKAO 33 - 34: Crowning Glory

YOKKAO 33 - 34: Crowning Glory

Months of preparations finally culminated on the night of 29 October at Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre for YOKKAO 33 - 34. The Muay Thai double event featured a international cast who starred alongside the members of the YOKKAO Thailand Fight Team. Saenchai was also present as a special guest and support his competing team mates, making this truly the most star-studded show in Hong Kong to-date.

YOKKAO 33 - 34 drew crowds from Hong Kong and the region to attend the show with viewers from all around the world tuning in on Facebook live for the broadcast. It was an event of crowning glory as fans witnessed the congregation of the best Muay Thai fighters in the world as well as the arrival of a new WBC Muay Thai world champion.


Local boys Jacky Chui and Lau Ka Ki kicked off YOKKAO 33 for 3 rounds of fast-paced action to warm things up with the former taking home the first win of the event. The intensity escalated with each bout including strong performances from Italian fighter Christian Zahe in bout 3 and Hong Kong favorite Jayson Wong in bout number 4. YOKKAO’s young fighter Yodchai delivered the first knockout of the night leaving opponent Enzo Petricig with a cut above the left eye in round 1. The victory was awarded to Yodchai via TKO due to medical stoppage.

KO of the Night: Superlek vs Cristian Opazos

Superlek followed up his TKO victory at YOKKAO 31 with yet another fiendish elbow finish. He got right off the bell with bad intentions, throwing his notorious hard elbows at Opazos. With just 90 seconds into the fight, the Thai threw a devastating right elbow that sent the Spanish to the canvas who stayed down for the full 8 counts. Like the previous show, the Lumpinee champion ended the confrontation early into the fight, proving why he’s one of the most dangerous men in the ring.

Fight of the Night/Main Event: Singdam vs Mathias Jonsson

The main event fight marked Singdam’s return to the ring after a 5-month break but he showed little sign of the time off. Despite getting lightly rocked in the first round with a jumping knee by Jonsson, Singdam fought back fiercely with strong knees and his signature kicks to reclaim the points in the next 2 rounds. The multi-time world champion’s experience showed and he marked his return with a well-deserved win via decision.


After a brief intermission, the action resumed with YOKKAO 34 at the Star Hall. The second half began with a clash between China’s Zhuo Xianbin and Japan’s Atsuya Takashima. Both young fighters set the explosive tone for the rest of the night and after an intense 3-round battle, Atsuya walked away with the decision for his YOKKAO debut. The matches that followed roused the crowd to fever pitch including some of the following highlights.

KO of the Night: Ng King Chung vs Vladimir Lyikin

Another local hero, Ng King Chung took to the ring at bout number 4 against Russia’s Vladimir Lyikin. The Hong Kong fighter proved to be the better man from the start with great offense and clever dodges. Ng’s dismantling of his opponent with well-timed low kicks began in round 1 that were carried over into the second round. The fight was done 40 seconds into round 2 after 3 successful knockdowns and Ng was declared the winner via TKO.

In The Spotlight:
Spencer Brown vs Ji Duoyibu

Spencer promised an all-out war prior to his fight and he delivered. With his YOKKAO team mates and living legend Saenchai in his corner cheering him on, Spencer came in hitting like a truck with some deadly elbows and body shots. Ji went home with a deep cut on his forehead while Spencer took home the win along with a bleeding elbow. The 2 youngsters put up a truly delightful performance for the appreciative crowd.

Fight Of The Night/Main Event:
Manachai vs Julio Lobo

This was the most-anticipated matchup for the entire event with double the stakes as it decided who would be crowned the new WBC Muay Thai World Welterweight champion. The war that transpired was every bit as exciting as expected. Manachai dominated the first 3 rounds with a more composed style than usual, yet an effective strategy against the reach of the taller Lobo.

Right from the get go, the YOKKAO fighter showed who’s the boss with a series of takedowns from the clinch. Manachai was also able to disarm his opponent’s powerful punches and retaliate with his signature low kicks. The Thai’s domination was apparent until round 4 when Lobo upped the tempo and intensity.

The exchange between the 2 reached a climax at this point with the Brazilian pushing forward to look for the finish while Manachai took it all in stride with careful defense and counter-offensive. The intense battle lasted for five full rounds and even though it went to the judges, it was no surprise when Manachai was declared the winner via unanimous decision.

YOKKAO 33 - 34 ended on a grand note with Manachai being crowned the new WBC Muay Thai World Welterweight champion. Together with fight team mates Saenchai, Singdam and Spencer Brown, Manachai will head to Turin (Italy) for YOKKAO 35 - 36 on 26 January 2019. Get ready for more details to be released soon.

YOKKAO 34 Results

** WBC World Welterweight Title
YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Brazil 65kg
Manachai won by points vs Julio Lobo

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs China 63.5kg
Spencer Brown won by points vs Ji Duoyibu

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs France 68kg
Iquezang Kor Rungthanakeat lost by points vs Abdelnour Ali-Kada

Hong Kong vs Russia 60kg
Ng King Chung won by TKO round 2 vs Vladimir Lyikin

Romania vs China 70kg
Alex Bublea won by points vs Liang Yuanhao

Taiwan vs China 57kg
Yeh Lichih lost by points vs Zhang Yiqiang

China vs Japan 61kg
Zhuo Xianbin lost by points vs Atsuya Takashima

** YOKKAO 33 Results **

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Sweden 66kg
Singdam won by points vs Mathias Jonsson

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs Spain 61kg
Superlek won by KO vs Cristian Opazos

YOKKAO Fight Team Thailand vs France 62kg
Yodchai won by medical stoppage vs Enzo Petricig

Hong Kong vs Russia 62kg
Wong Siu Hang Jayson won by points vs Nikita Bazhitov 61kg

Italy vs Brazil 67kg
Christian Zahe won by points vs Jordan Kranio

Hong Kong vs China 60kg
Leslie Wong lost by points vs Liu Wei

Hong Kong vs Hong Kong 63kg
Chui ZitCiu Jacky won by points vs Lau Ka Ki

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