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Article: YOKKAO Joins Forces With Iconic 5th St. Gym

YOKKAO Joins Forces With Iconic 5th St. Gym

YOKKAO continues to make waves in the combat sports world. The recent run of partnerships with some of the top martial arts gyms in the United States showcases proves that point. And especially the latest one, with YOKKAO joining forces with the iconic 5th St. Gym in Miami Beach, Florida.

The union is both symbolic and significant as two icons of combat sports join hands. It is expected to have positive repercussions that will benefit the industry in general. The collaboration is a major step forward given the status of both YOKKAO and 5th St. Gym. After all, they are both iconic for good reasons.

The 5th St. Gym is a legendary boxing gym that dates back several decades. In its long history, the gym has hosted some of the most celebrated names in the sport of boxing. Some of the greats of the sport, such as Muhammad Ali and Carmen Basilio, have trained there.

YOKKAO, on the other hand, continues to be one of the world’s leading martial arts manufacturers. In fact, the brand is expanding its wings and branching out to unprecedented fields like the streetwear and fashion industries. There is no end in sight as YOKKAO continues to rise and grow.

The significance of the event is perceived by no less than the founder of YOKKAO himself, Philip Villa. “I am thrilled to announce the official partnership between YOKKAO and 5th St. Gym, two iconic names in the combat sports world. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both YOKKAO and 5th St. Gym as we join forces to further elevate the world of boxing and Muay Thai.”

As for 5th St. Gym, he recognized that “The legacy of 5th St. Gy, is nothing short of extraordinary. Dating back to 1950 and having trained legendary champions such as Muhammad Ali and Carmen Basilio, it perfectly complements YOKKAO’s dedication to preserving the rich traditions of Muay Thai.”

He further stressed that “The combined knowledge and resources will significantly enhance the development of fighters, coaches, and enthusiasts, ensuring that the next generation of champions receives the best support and guidance available.

Together with Dino Spencer and Tom Tsatas, we will create a formidable alliance that celebrates the art of boxing and Muay Thai, unite the combat sports community, and propel the sport to new heights. I invite all of you to stay tuned as we embark on this extraordinary journey together.”

By joining forces, YOKKAO and 5th St. Gym are looking toward the future. Their union is meant to help create groundbreaking opportunities that will take boxing, Muay Thai, and the rest of the martial arts world to new heights.

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