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Article: YOKKAO to Release Limited Quantities For All Future Collections

YOKKAO to Release Limited Quantities For All Future Collections

YOKKAO is gearing up for a major brand move, something that we have been working towards in the last few months. All our future collections will be produced and released in limited quantities. That is to say that once the items are sold out, they will no longer be restocked - making them truly limited-edition releases.

This year, we experienced an exponential growth in our global sales volume in spite of the worldwide pandemic and we are now investing in a new strategy to further differentiate our gear.

Our founder, Philip Villa shares,

“We now want to focus on creating the best designs for our customers so they can always have something to look forward to. This month, we released the High Scream and Shocker collections to coincide with the Halloween month. By reducing the quantity of each design, our customers will receive truly limited-edition gear that is unique and not mass produced. ”

As our new products will now be made in limited quantities, we will be introducing a new policy and limiting our reseller network. Only a small amount of selected gyms and stores will carry YOKKAO products. We are looking to partner with gyms and stores that can provide exceptional experience to the customers to separate our brand from others.

New collections will be launched periodically at our 3 warehouses (Asia, EU and US) and released at our 3 online stores to cater to the respective regions. Our global distribution allows us to eliminate import taxes for customers while offering faster delivery times.

YOKKAO products are designed by a diverse team of creators from Italy and Thailand. Our apparel and gear feature a fusion of cultures inspired by the rich traditions of Muay Thai and fashion sensibilities of Italy. Each collection is unique and perfect for use in training or as a collectible showpiece.

More details will be shared as we launch new collections in the coming months. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive notifications about new and future releases.

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