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Article: YOKKAO 12-13: Fighters Electrify Audience in Bolton!

YOKKAO 12-13: Fighters Electrify Audience in Bolton!

YOKKAO 12-13: Fighters Electrify Audience in Bolton!

YOKKAO 12 - YOKKAO 13 sold out

Fully packed and sold out, YOKKAO 12 and YOKKAO 13 sent fans into a frenzy with two of the biggest Muay Thai events of the moment, held all in one night escalating emotions to it's peak. YOKKAO 12 and YOKKAO 13 on March 21, the date you could not miss. Key members of import from Muay Thai UK community were present ringside, celebrities, promoters, owners of the best gyms, fighters, coaches and fans of combat from all over England in attendance. Not only, never before had UK Muay Thai events managed to draw an audience from across Europe. At YOKKAO 12 and YOKKAO 13 fans arrived from France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Sweden.While the rest of the world connected through social networks sought ways to link in via live stream, the fighters began the show to a completely sold out arena.


Sanny Dahlbeck, arrived in the UK and snatches the YOKKAO World Title from Jordan Watson in a raging TKO in the fourth round with a deadly knee melee. The power of Jordan's attacks was followed by Sanny's answers. Once the fight is uploaded to Youtube you will understand what kind of warriors were in the YOKKAO Ring on Saturday. Sanny Dahlbeck became the World YOKKAO Champion and the man to beat.

The grand gesture in sportsmanship demonstrated by Jordan Watson to have raffled the YOKKAO World Title by the simple request of Sanny Dahlbeck during the press conference, without a doubt, deserves a rematch.


Pakorn vs. Liam Harrison fight was one of the most anticipated fights in the history of UK Muay Thai and currently the most demanded video to be posted on Youtube from the rest of the world. The match that everyone expected to see the victor, Pakorn PKSaenchaimuaythaigym, won by points decreeing him once again as the standing YOKKAO World Champion -65kg.

Following the statement of World Champion, returning home to Thailand today:

"I trained really hard for this fight canceling all my fights other fights for the entire month of March. I felt responsible to focus on this event and bring back the YOKKAO World Title to Thailand for all my friends and for my country. In the first and second round Liam tried to step into me and I replied with punches, middle and high kicks directed to different areas. The third round Liam continued his offensive attack and we went to war, I scored points by kicks, knees, teeps and sweeps. I already knew I was winning at the end of the fourth and I think Liam knew it too, that's why in the 5th round Liam tried to push as much as possible but I scored points with kicks, knees and sweeps. I must admit he is a excellent fighter but I am better than him."

Pakorn vs Liam Harrison YOKKAO 13
Liam Harrison managed to push the best Muay Thai fighter in the world to the entirety of 5 rounds establishing his name as the most dangerous farang fighter in the world. Those who were present and the thousands more who will watch the video can acknowledge the skill level reached by Liam Harrison.

After beating Greg Wootton in YOKKAO 11 and defending his YOKKAO World Title against Liam Harrison in YOKKAO 13, the question arises: who's next for Pakorn?


Kris Addis vs Jake Barton set the stadium on fire from the first round until the fourth. After a powerful high kick in the first round by Jake Barton, the onslaught began with an exhange of knees and elbows. Kris Addis showcased incredible determination and stopped Barton with perfect elbow in the fourth round. This fight will be the first uploaded on YouTube later this week.

Liam Harrison vs Pakorn PKSaenchaimuaythaigym YOKKAO 13
Bernise vs Tanya Merrett was the first female co-main event in the history of events by YOKKAO. Fast and precise technique by Bernise's elbow tore an opening in Tanya Merrett's head to a wound that would not need stitches. Bernise won by unanimous decision. Five rounds of war that will truly inspire female fighters from all over the world.
At YOKKAO 12, Kyle Helleur TKOed YOKKAO UK Ranked fighter Danny Harrison-Little by a series of punches stopped by the referee. Kyle Helleur powers his way into the YOKKAO UK Ranking -65kg. YOKKAO UK Ranked fighter Steven Long, Josh Turbill, Chris Whittle, Stephen Meleady and Myk Estlick all won by unanimous decision. Keith McLachlan won by TKO, while Darren O'Connor and Chris Shaw lost. The ranking system will be updated later this week with related news announcing new entries.

Muay Thai UK: Bernise Alldis vs Tanya Merret YOKKAO 13


Karim Bennoui vs Darren O'Connor Coming from France, the top fighter at -61kg Karim Bennoui delighted the audience, as he stated: "I began hard from the beginning by counting for the first and second rounds, I continued after calmly. It was my first in England, the audience was delighted. I want to thank my coach Nasser Kacem, brother Houcine, the Yokkao organization and the whole team NAS-R K." A few seconds video of his fight was uploaded to YOKKAO Facebook generating some 6000 views in few hours.


Keith McLachlan fight ended with a TKO, a bad injury and broken nose to Paul Karpowicz. Muay Thai is hard, it's part of the game, it happens in the ring. Paul is having surgery today. YOKKAO promoters and all the staff from Thailand wish him a safe and speedy recovery. We hope to see him back in action soon for a rematch with McLachlan.

Muay Thai UK: Paul Karpowicz broken nose YOKKAO 13


With over 10,000,000 hits on Youtube and more than 500,000 likes on Facebook, YOKKAO continues to grow exponentially ensuring unrivaled exposure to fighters who join YOKKAO Events. A small but significant milestone today whenthe famous newspaper Muay Siam, after releasing news that Pakorn returned home with the YOKKAO World Title, asked our direction more information on the fighters from the YOKKAO UK Ranking. The revolution is in progress. A special thanks goes to the YOKKAO Promoters, all the professional judges and referees, our presenter Douglas Mc Adam, YOKKAO commentator since our first event Vinny Shoreman and all the staff behind the scenes.
See you again soon in the UK this October in Bolton and in ...
** YOKKAO 13 RESULTS ** YOKKAO World Title -65kg
Pakorn PKSaenchaimuaythaigym won vs Liam Harrison by unanimous decision -65kg
Pakorn retained the YOKKAO World Title 65kg
Co-main event female fight Bernise Alldis won vs Tanya Merrett by unanimous decision -57kg
YOKKAO UK Ranking Fight Keith McLachlan won vs Paul Karpowicz via doctor stoppage in 2:11 of Round 3 (-59kg)
YOKKAO UK Ranking Fight Steven Long won vs John Kaufman via unanimous decision (-67.5kg)
YOKKAO UK Ranking Fight Josh Turbill won vs Jack Cooper via unanimous decision (-70kg)
YOKKAO UK Ranking Fight Chris Whittle won vs Ross George via unanimous decision (-61.5kg)
Wojtek Oleksyk won vs Dale Hughes via unanimous decision (-65kg)
Jordan Watson lots by TKO (ref stoppage) in 2:50 of Rnd 4 vs Sanny Dahlbeck (-70kg)
Sanny Dahlbeck is the new YOKKAO World Champion -70kg UK vs France Karim Bennoui won vs Darren O'Connor via majority decision (-61,5kg)
YOKKAO UK Ranking Fight Stephen Meleady won vs Chris Shaw via unanimous decision (-61kg)
YOKKAO UK Ranking Fight Kyle Helleur won vs Danny Harrison-Little via TKO (ref stoppage) in 1:26 of Rnd 3 (-64.5kg)
YOKKAO UK Ranking Fight Myk Estlick won vs Jack McGuire via unanimous decision (-63.5kg)
Kris Addis won vs Jake Barton via KO (elbow) in Rnd 4 (-72.5kg)
Juan Cervantes won vs Joe Newton unanimous decision (-77kg)
Jack Kennedy won vs Harry Burton via unanimous decision (-65kg)
*** YOKKAO 12 - 13 MUAY THAI GLOVES *** All YOKKAO 12 and YOKKAO 13 gloves will be sold at a special price at www.asia.yokkao.com/shop with earnings donated to the research of ALS.

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